The cost of marriage
Here are some suggestions for reducing the cost of attending a wedding. In India, you can plan your wedding in any city you want. If you like a modern wedding, have a beach wedding in Goa. If you like traditional royal weddings, organize weddings in Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Pushkar and many other cities in Rajasthan. Rajasthan is famous for its royal family.

Food and beverage service for hire
Some websites come with a passenger for you to use on the server of your choice. Avoid these areas. Instead, find one that fits your budget. You can find local food service providers by inquiring or searching the website Katienicholl

Reduce your alcohol consumption
Giving wine at a wedding can get very expensive. Customers are used to drinking heavily when free alcohol is served. It also led to the destruction of the website by drunk people and increased other development and cleanup costs.

Save on food
In India, around 30-50% of the food served at weddings is wasted. This is because users are better prepared if others arrive. Second, most of the dishes on offer do not allow you to eat everything. Save food by setting the right amount of food needed for guests and attendees and reducing the number of dishes served.

Organize an event
Indian weddings involve many different events, depending on your beliefs. The main events are religious rituals and acceptance. Instead of inviting guests to two or more events, host the party. This saves a lot of costs related to space and food.

Be brief
A short event is very inexpensive. In addition, websites are billed by the hour. In addition, the employees you hire for the wedding also provide invoices for each hour. Thus, a short event leads to lower costs.

Wedding dress online
Due to the explosion of online stores, you can buy beautiful wedding dresses online at a very low price. Order a wedding first so you can try to get it back if you don’t like the dress or the size isn’t right for you.

Registration of photography students
Professional wedding photos are very expensive. On site, ask for the help of a student photographer from any nearby establishment. They will charge less and provide more photos. They will have very good cameras.

Online Wedding Photo
Instead of posting your wedding photo, create an online album on Pinterest, Google Image, Instagram, etc. You can also create a Facebook page for your wedding and post photos. Besides saving 100 photos and copies, you can instantly share them with your friends and family around the world.

Rent a bus, not a car
Instead of renting a car to pick up your parents’ house, rent a small car or bus depending on the population. Buses are inexpensive and can carry several people at the same time. The buses also add to the fun of the event as they allow everyone to meet up.

Groups are not required for a short wedding ceremony. Plus, being away from the group will help guests enjoy the company rather than being distracted by loud music. In addition to group storage, you save money on the rental of equipment such as speakers and amplifiers, among others.

Choose a family member or friend to be the manager rather than hiring a professional. If you are having a short wedding party, a well-known MC may not be necessary.

Gifts for economic recovery
One of the customs of Indian weddings is to return the gifts when they go out. You can cut costs by providing inexpensive return gifts, such as a small bag of candy, as opposed to high cost gifts.

Conclusion by reducing costs for an upcoming wedding
Much of the cost of Indian weddings is due to their girlfriends, boyfriends, or families mistakenly thinking their friends are attractive. They want to avoid ridicule or criticism because of their modest marriage. Remember that the money you spend on a wedding can be put to good use for the future of the newlyweds. It can be invested in a secure future or in purchasing the equipment needed to start a new life together. Use your financial management skills to reduce marriage expenses. You can also ask

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