How custom jewelry packaging boosts sales

Custom jewelry packaging is gaining popularity all over the world. Brands and companies thinking of launching or re-packaging their jewelry items invest time to design appropriate custom jewelry packaging. They opt for custom jewelry boxes according to the product needs and the company’s requirements.  They are very effective in catching the attention of the target audiences. They provide maximum safety to the jewelry items packaged inside. Some researchers have observed the customer buying behavior for years and argue that packaging is more vital than the product itself. No doubt it is the first tangible thing they hold or set their eyes on. According to these researchers, custom packaging boxes help the customers evaluate the product quality and the company’s reputation in the market. For them, good packaging means a high-quality product manufactured by a revered company in the industry.

Custom jewelry boxes for businesses influence the perceived value of the jewelry items packed inside. Once, a reputed jewelry brand lightened the signature color of their custom jewelry packaging boxes, as a re-packaging move. This move caused the company to incur a loss and their sales reduced by twenty percent in the respective year. The customers took this lighter shade as a faded color of poor packaging. They also thought that it compromises the quality of products placed inside these boxes. The packaging industry is aware of the ‘sensation transference’ concept since the early twentieth century. This concept acknowledges the existence of packaging and products as two unique elements. But sometimes, customers get attached to certain packaging attributes emotionally. Tempering with these attributes can cause a loss, as in the example cited above.

The customers notice three elements in customized jewelry packaging, which include;
  1. Signature color of the brand
  2. The text, taglines etc.
  3. Logos, images

These elements help a customer in recognizing a particular brand and associating themselves with it. The jewelry items packed in dark-colored customized jewelry packaging are often perceived to be luxurious and of high-quality by the customer. Light-colored packaging represents inferior quality products. The custom jewelry packaging boxes, which are used by the premium brands often use the simplest styles in typography for printing the text. These brands mostly do not invest in elaborate designs. Instead, they focus on simple solid-colored printing with a focus on their logo or brand name.

Nowadays, the use of custom rigid packaging is very common in the jewelry industry. They make these boxes from the sturdiest cardboard stocks. The premium brands make use of these boxes to target their niche segments of the market. The brands invest in giving these custom boxes exclusive finishes and features. The most loved feature in custom rigid packaging is a magnetic closure. This feature allows a flawless opening and closing mechanism for this kind of packaging. The brands also add other superior features and customization tools to these boxes to provide a memorable unboxing experience to their customer. Often recipients of these premium packaging custom boxes capture the entire unboxing experience through their smartphones and upload it on social media. These videos become trends on social media and the respective brands enjoy maximum brand exposure.

Biodegradable customized jewelry packaging

Many jewelry brands are now switching to biodegradable customized jewelry packaging boxes. These brands understand the importance of reducing litter from the planet. Most are actively taking part in this cause. There are many benefits of offering biodegradable custom boxes for jewelry brands. Since these stocks are durable, it used for making sturdy custom packaging boxes for jewelry. The print-friendly nature of these stocks allows the brands to use exclusive offset printing options for printing powerful visual content. To get precision in Jewelry box Packaging, they always suggest it select the best packaging company. Companies with proficient printing and packaging staff better understand the needs of their clients and provide solutions accordingly. If you are seeking innovative packaging solutions, get more information about ClipnBox packaging experts.