How do you add LED lights to Lego

The Lego is one of the most enjoyable bricks game. The enchanting lego lights intensify the display of your MOC and give its lively impressions. Otherwise, the lego theme has a little obscure and inert aura. However, the LED technology adds further versatility to the Lego themes. There are both expensive and cheap ways to illuminate the lego structure. Therefore you should know How to add LED lights to Lego.

Guide to Add LED Lights to Lego

LED; Light Emitting Diodes

The light-emitting diode, commonly known as LED offers versatile lighting techniques. Nowadays, the latest LEGO series has a built-in LED in the LEGO bricks. However, they are quite expensive. Whether you add a lego light kit LED or DIY LED into the lego creation, both breath a new life into your model.

LED emits light when current flows through the circuit. Usually, the light is in a blue hue, but covering it with a white case creates white light.

The most lenient and most standard way is to get the LED light available in the market and then connect the anode and cathode with negative and positive terminals of the coin cell battery. The semiconductor ligament emits light; as soon as the circuit is complete and the current flows,

Procedure to add LED light to Lego

You can add LEGO LED to your old Lego bricks and theme and pay tribute to your fancied article.

Things needed to add LED light to Lego

  1. LEGO bricks
  2. 5mm LED’s
  3. A suitable battery/battery
  4. A drill
  5. 5mm drill bit
  6. Small file
  7. Hot glue gun
  8. Electrical wire


  • Choose the Lego brick that you want to illuminate.
  • Mark with a marker on both ends of the brick at the same level.
  • Now use a drill to drill a 5mm hole in the Lego brick.
  • Use the filer or grinder to adjust the tube structure’s size so that another brick can change while the LED is inside the LEGO brick.
  • Now connect the LEDs with a piece of wire and keep each LED’s terminals on the same sides.
  • Fix the LED on the hole you drilled at first and adjust the wires accordingly.
  • Finally, connect the circuit with a coin cell battery and test the led Lego.

The LED String

You can also get in the market LED string thin enough to settle in between the Lego studs. The LED wire is less than 3mm, with the flexibility to bend according to needs.

You can drill a hole somewhat bigger than 3mm, pass LED string wire through the hole, and fix the battery source hidden somewhere in the LEGO structure.

The LED light Kit:

You can easily purchase Lego Led light kit online stores at a reasonable rate. The components are usually wire, expansion board, battery source, and led bulbs with the perfectly designed structure according to the Lego theme.

The same LED light kit is also suitable for multiple themes like building structures that use similar LEGO LED light kits.