How HR software has reshaped work post covid?

Covid-19 or coronavirus has impacted the whole world with a blow. A sudden unannounced crisis that led the whole world to isolate themselves in their homes and accept the new normal. This had an adverse impact on the economy of the globe. However organizations started accepting the new normal with the transition from office to remote functioning. Technological advancements such as HR software played an imperative role to facilitate this transition and ensure a smooth functioning within the new normal. 

Let’s delve a little deeper and have a look at the impact of the post covid scenario and how an HR software has assisted in reshaping the functioning of the organizations.

Increase in demand of technological advancements

A sudden transition from office to remote functioning of the organization during the pandemic created a havoc for organizations functioning on premises based systems. It increased the demand of web based applications to establish the work from home set up. An increase in the need of technological advancements  such as HR software, attendance management software increased the growth of the digital market. Several organizations opted for vendors that have human resource management software to initiate a remote core HR module from any remote location around the globe.  

Mental health of an employee mattred

A sudden lockdown for an indefinite period of time took a toll on the mental health of numerous employees. This hampered the productivity of many organizations. Health care employees had a devastating experience as they were fighting the coronavirus like a warrior. It increased the concern of the human resource management team to keep a tab on the physical and the mental health of the employees. Vendors customized the designs of the HR software in such a way that an employee can reach the required resources for help anonymously. This  ensured a better employee experience and healthy work environment for  everyone. This customized design has been a trend and has established the much needed concern for mental health. 

Transition from remote to hybrid workforce

The year 2020 witnessed transition of office to remote functioning of the organizations. With the introduction of vaccines and precautions various organizations have established a hybrid mode of functioning. To put this in simplified language this means the employees will be working from office premises on alternate days. This ensured that the employees will have enough space to maintain precautionary measures as maintaining social distance. It has been observed that the employees have adapted the new normal way of working and are enjoying this module. Web based applications have assisted to maintain  a tab on the employees working from remote locations and the employees functioning from the office. It empowered the employees to maintain a healthy work life balance with the new normal.

Transition from office to remote functioning

Huge industries experienced an increase in productivity while functioning from remote locations. This initiated a new normal by establishing the fact that there was a monetary saving by lettering the employees render their service from remote locations. As organizations tend to opt for huge office premises which comes with various expenses such as electricity, rent of the leased premises. Surveys proved that the employees have accepted the new normal and are happy to function on remote set up saving the organization from such expenses. Organizations such as twitter, Facebook, shopify have considered this shift to be their way of functioning forever. 

As quoted by” A survey of CFOsshows that 74% will move at least 5 % of their previously onsite workforce to permanently remote positions post-covid. “

This data shows that the coronavirus has not only impacted our normal lives but has introduced a huge change in the way of functioning of the industrial  world. This initiates a platform for the organizations to include various technological advancements to plan such a transition. Web based applications such as HR software has been upgraded in a way that if ever such a situation occurs for the organizations to function on remote platform it will be an easy transition with the new normal.