How important it is to have mobile application for a jewellery business

The world that we live in today is literally running on technology. Things which had to be done manually in the past are being done by just a swipe or entering a password on a machine. Thanks to technology, our lives are easier and most of the things we need to do can be done in the comfort our homes.Technology has propelled most industries that operate today including the jewellery industry. Not only has it digitized the way jewellery is made but has also played an important role to increase the customer base and sales. The most recent tool in boosting any business is a personalized mobile application and here is why we thinkit’s important for the jewellery industry as well.

Greater visibility: Due to the easy availability of affordable mobile phones in the market, it has become easy for everyone to own one. Today a smartphone has become an indispensable need for everyone and data suggests that most people spend 80% of their time browsing apps on the smartphones. This makes a mobile app a powerful tool which can help you reach out to more people and gain more visibility.More visibility will mean more sales and hence business growth. Most jewellers including the Hatton Garden Jewellers London have been working on their own personalized app in order to increase their customer base.

Increased sales: Having a mobile app for your jewellery business gives easy access to your customers. All they have to do is download the app and use it to browse the jewellery items without having to travel to your shop. Since the customer doesn’t have to worry about travel time and expenses, the whole shopping procedure becomes effortless. The mobile app allows your customers to browse through the app at their convenience and hence make them more likely to buy your product.

Circulation of information through push notifications: The best part about having a mobile app for your business is its push notification feature. This feature allows you to capture the attention of the customer without actually intruding in their work. Using this feature will enable any business to circulate information by sending a message notification to the customer smartphone. You can inform them about the upcoming sale or about price reduction of a particular product that they were interested in. This will help in getting more number of customers engaged and thereby increase the number of customers visiting and purchasing from the app.

Personalized shopping experience: The mobile apps for the jewellery business can track your search history, analyze it and show you the products that you have an interest in. This way you can do away with browsing the products that you are not looking for. The app will give you every tiny detail of the products listed including its features and price. For example, if you want to buy one of Hatton Gardens Engagement Rings, then everything about the ring like its highlights, metal, stones, dimensions and price will be listed. The app will also guide you to choose the right size and offer multiple payment methods which you can choose from. This personalized shopping experience will help in customer loyalty in retention.

The above benefits make it imperative for the jewellery business owners to invest in a mobile app if they want their business to grow.