How Much Do Recruitment Agencies Charge in Canada?

First, let’s get a general knowledge about recruitment. What is Recruitment, how does it work, what is the process?

Recruitment is the procedure that covers searching and grabbing attention of the likely resources to meet the number of vacancies within an organization. Through the recruitment process, organizations certify that the ability sets of the corporate stay aligned to its originality and aims.

The recruitment method is the steps to drawing in and choosing a replacement worker to fill a gap in a corporation. This job is sometimes accomplished by managers, Human Resource Managers, recruiters, or a mixture of all 3.

The staffing method includes finding the vacants with the most improving and suitable skills, experience, and temperament to suit the role position. It needs a series of grouping and reviewing resumes, conducting job interviews, and at last choosing and on-boarding a worker to begin operating for the organization. The process follows certain steps –

  • It may appear straightforward to spot the hiring once your worker who just simply left. However the task gets harder if you’re making a brand new position or switching the responsibilities of a job.
  • Creating an honest description may be an important piece in crafting an efficient achievement strategy once you perceive your business and department’s wants. You ought to confirm the responsibilities of the role and write them up. It helps communicate the organization’s wants and expectations to a possible candidate. It’s essential to be specific in the description to grab the attention of the candidates who can sufficiently meet the aims of the role.
  • Save time and energy by making a strategy or a plan. Strategist the most effective ways in which to induce the word out regarding the task, confirm who are going to be reviewing resumes, planning interviews, and preferring the correct candidate.
  • Start looking out. Use keyword achievement tools to chop down on your search time throughout your achievement method. This may be the foremostly the longest part of recruiting and keyword tools can comb out unqualified candidates.
  • The top-tier candidates probably have several choices and you’ll have to maintain timely communication or they’ll quickly travel to alternative opportunities. Use a mobile hiring app to review high candidates quickly right on your phone. 
  • Once you’ve your eye on bound candidates, conduct a phone screening to slim down the choice method and ensure you would like to require the time to interview the candidate personally. Build a listing of the most effective interview inquiries to raise before you start
  • Interviews ought to be conducted presently once a phone screening ideally among every week. Communicate with the respondent regarding wherever you’re within the method and the way long it’ll fancy come back to them together with your call then make certainties to follow up although you choose they’re not an ideal candidate. 
  • Just because you provide employment to the candidate, doesn’t mean they’re aiming to settle for it. Take guardianship to give a fascinating proof that the candidate does not need to expire. Over ninetieth of individuals report being contacted by a monitor will build them settle for employment quicker.
  • Now that you’ve selected that candidate to decide on, the actual work begins. From implementing to on-boarding the new candidate ought to have a positive expertise and might simply dive into the task.

Recruitment agencies help an employer find employees or help employees find work or evaluate or test people for employers seeking employees. In Canada, Under the Fair Trading Act (FTA), staffing agencies need to own an Employment Agency Business Licence if they have these qualities – 

  1. Working on behalf of employees, employers or both
  2. Finding jobs for Canadians or non-Canadians
  3. Finding workers for Canadian or non-Canadians employers
  4. Finding workers of any nationality for Alberta employers or jobs in Alberta.

In Ontario, Canada there are available both temporary and permanent recruitment agencies. Some of the leading staffing agency Ontario can be found in the link below. Recruitment fees vary due to the variety in the industry and the salary based on it – and if or not the vacant positions for the candidates are permanent, temporary to permanent, or temporary. Here are the usual fees of the staffing agencies – 


  • Hourly or daily payouts.
  • Other linked costs and markup that lead profit to the agency. 

Temporary to Permanent 

  • It’s important to recollect that temporary candidates are technically employed by the agency, therefore when a clientele needs to employ a worker full time, the agency charges a transfer fee – to hide the ‘lost value.’


  • Contingency recruitment is the simplest style of permanent placement. This is often wherever the office solely gets paid once a candidate is accepted for the work. 
  • If the role needs a specific set of skills or expertise, the office is also paid on a retainer basis.
  • Rather than merely paying a fee upon a booming placement, a retainer fee is staggered throughout the method and rewards the office for his or her time.

In Canada, the FTA allows employment agencies to charge some types of fees, but prohibits others –

  1. No employment office could charge a fee for serving an individual to find employment. However, the employment office will charge the leader for its services.
  2. No employment office could demand or hold a bond or deposit from an individual which will not be returned if they are not completing the work term or employment agreement. It’s against the law for any fee to be collected from an individual notwithstanding it’s going to be refunded later.
  3. An employment office will not tell that the leader can recover the prices of their services from the worker. This can be a violation of the FTA.
  4. An employment office could charge an individual for services like resume preparation. However, the agency cannot create an individual purchase these services as a condition to assist the person realize work. An employment office that charges a fee for such services should post an inventory of the fees charged during a conspicuous location within the business premises.

What can be charged and what is not in Canada?

Chargeable Fees 

  • Employers get charged for delivering services.
  • Recruiters will charge job seekers/candidates a fee for services, which are not directly linked to the recruitments. 

Non-chargeable Fees

  • Individuals helping to find work cannot be charged. 
  • Employees cannot be demanded of any bond or deposit.

Differences – Recruitment Agencies and Immigrant Representatives

These two are easily confusing, but there are major differences. An immigration representative is somebody appointed by a remote employee to conduct business on their behalf with Citizenship and Immigration North American nation (CIC), North American nation Border Services Agency, or the Immigration An immigration representative may, for example, help a person complete their CIC applications or communicate with CIC on that person’s behalf.

An immigration representative might also be appointed by a distant employee to conduct business on their behalf with the Alberta Provincial political leader Program (Alberta PNP) leatherette bench. All CIC ANd Alberta PNP applications ar on the market freed from charge and someone isn’t needed to use an immigration representative to finish or submit them.

Paid Immigrant Representatives

Representatives must be authorized to run agencies for their clienteles in order to get paid. They must be –

  • A lawyer in good standing with a Canadian provincial or territorial law society or a student-at law under their supervision
  • An immigration authority in sensible standing with the Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants
  • A notary public in smart standing with the Chambre des notaires du Québec or student-in-law below their oversight.

Unpaid Immigrant Representatives

Unpaid immigration representatives may include a family member, friend, or a member of a non-governmental or religious organization. 

So, it’s quite clear that A paid immigration representative and an employment agency offer different services. For example, immigration representative doesn’t sometimes assist an individual in securing employment or finding staff for an associate leader. Keep in mind, a staffing agency cannot convey any message with CIC on a client’s behalf.


For a $100k job, the fee for the leading staffing agency Ontario, Canada can be $15,000 or even $25,000. Despite the surge of online resources, the staffing business isn’t going anyplace. You have got to use the proper partner! The proper hiring will flip your company around! Build a good alternative. Kindle referrals. Check for Canadian Recruiters on Linkedin with sensible recommendations. Those are real reviews. They will positively be relied upon as a basis for selecting the proper accomplishment partner.