How Much Does a Vacate Clean Cost in Melbourne?

End of lease cleaning is a very tiring task for tenants. It is usually connected with risks and hurdles. To get the bond deposit, you have to clean the full home according to the stated standards of the homeowners.

To ease the end of lease cleaning work, you must hire professional cleaners. These cleaners are experienced and skilled in cleaning every type of property. Many tenants do not have any idea about the cost of vacate cleaning in Melbourne. In this blog, we will discuss how much does a vacate clean costs in Melbourne.

Cost of Vacate Cleaning in Melbourne

The cost of vacate cleaning in Melbourne depends on many factors. They include size, area, package, and so on. The different rates of vacate cleaning for different homes are:

  1. You will have to pay about $199 for a one-bedroom home.
  2. The cost of cleaning 2 bedroom homes is about $249.
  3. The rate of cleaning 3 bedroom homes is about $299.
  4. The cost of cleaning 4 bedroom homes is about $399.
  5. If you have 5 bedrooms, the cost can go up to $499.
  6. The cost of cleaning 6 bedroom homes is about $599.

These rates depend on the number of hours that cleaners work for your home. The rate per hour in Melbourne is between $45 and $49.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Vacate Cleaning in Melbourne

There are various factors that affect the cost of vacate cleaning in Melbourne. They are as under:

  1. Size and Area of the Home – The most important factor that is counted in calculating the cost of vacate cleaning is size. As the size of the home increases, the cost increases too. The number of bedrooms and bathrooms is included in the total cost of vacate cleaning of the home. Professional cleaners will do a free inspection of the home and then calculate the cost of vacate cleaning. You can either pay for the full home cleaning task or hourly rates.
  2. Condition of the Home – The second factor is the condition of your property. If the home is very dirty, it needs mopping, washing, and wiping. You will have to pay higher charges for a dirty home as it needs careful cleaning. On the other hand, if you clean your home regularly, you will have to pay less for cleaning the home.
  3. Extra Services in the Package – Every end of lease company provides a detailed checklist for cleaning the rental homes. This checklist covers the full home. However, there are some extra tasks that you can select for your home by paying extra charges. These extra tasks include carpet cleaning, lawn mowing, pest control service, refrigerator cleaning, and so on. These tasks will increase the price of vacate cleaning packages.
  4. Time Taken for Cleaning the Home – Total time taken affects the price of end of lease cleaning. Some homes can be cleaned within 2 to 3 hours while some need 2 days. Depending on the type of cleaning, the company will hire a number of cleaners.
  5. Location of the Property – Some homes are situated in the remotest part of the city. It is difficult to access these locations. Professional cleaners will take higher rates to visit the remote parts of the city.

What is Included in Vacate Cleaning?

Vacate cleaning covers the cleaning of the full home. It covers the following tasks:

  •       Cleaning of all floors, walls, and fans.
  •       Cleaning of windows from outside and inside.
  •       Removing dust and cleaning all the light fittings.
  •       Cleaning of all cupboards, shelves, and drawers.
  •       Cleaning of bathroom tiles, sinks, taps, and faucets.
  •       Cleaning of kitchen appliances with fans and lights.
  •       Washing laundry areas and cleaning taps and sinks.
  •       Cleaning outdoor areas such as gardens and backyards.

Why Must One Hire Professional Cleaners?

You can several benefits of hiring professional cleaners such as:

  •       Affordable Cleaning Work 

Hiring professional cleaners is more affordable than buying cleaning equipment. You have to pay only the cleaning charges to the cleaners. They will clean the full home within a few hours.

  •       Eco-Friendly Cleaning Tools

Professional cleaners use safe and eco-friendly solutions to clean homes. These solutions do not affect health, environment, flora, or fauna. Apart from that, eco-friendly solutions also give better results.

  •       Speedy Work

Hiring good cleaners will save time. You will not have to adjust the time between home chores and job to clean the home.

  •       Available on all the Days

End of lease cleaning companies operate throughout the week. Professional cleaners will arrive at short notice and start cleaning the full home.

Get the free quotes

If you want the best vacate cleaning service, visit the official sites of the end of lease cleaning companies. You have to fill online forms to get free quotes from different companies. You can compare the different costs and choose the most appropriate package.