How PPC Helped Sinking Businesses Rise in the Year 2020?

We all know how challenging the year 2020 had been for everyone. A lot of people had to drop their plans, several businesses faced huge losses, many employees lost their jobs, and many more difficulties ruled this year.

The major loss faced by businesses is, their growth declined drastically and market planning did not work well.

For the proper running of businesses, marketing strategies have always been important. PPC form of digital marketing played a crucial role for those who were on the verge of closing their works. To save the business, people tried many ways and PPC marketing is one of them.

Many people saved their sinking businesses using PPC. Let’s read more about it.

What Is PPC Marketing?

It is a Pay-Per-Click marketing mode. You must have got a little idea about what this model means. Let’s explain this more. PPC is a way of buying visits to sites. The advertisers pay some amount of fees when their ads get clicks. The more clicks advertisement gets the more number of visitors increases. It is not the organic way to get visitors; you have to pay for the website that is running your ads on its page.

PPC Marketing

There are many forms of PPC. You can read them below.

  1. Display Advertising
  2. Paid Search Marketing
  3. Re-Targeting PPC Advertising
  4. Price Comparison Advertising
  5. Social Media

These all forms of PPC marketing proved the savior for businesses that were on the verge of sinking because of uncertainties in the last year. Due to various difficulties caused by COVID in the year 2020, many businesses faced problems; but, some managed to sustain and even grow.

What these businesses did that help them to sustain in the difficult year?

If you want to know the answer to the question, then you can be more attentive while starting off your business in the coming year.

Let’s dig into more about how PPC helped sinking businesses in 2020.

79% of Marketers Believe PPC Helped Their Businesses: 

More than half of marketers in the world believe that when they were thinking to close their business due to the pandemic, using PPC changed their intentions. Whatever goals they fix for the year 2020 year would not be achieved, if they did not switch to the digital marketing techniques. If we go by the research conducted by one of the organizations, then approx. 88 million people are in extreme poverty because they lose a major amount in businesses and bankrupted. Whoever moved to the PPC or digital marketing saved their businesses and not only this, they enjoyed unimaginable growth.

Using PPC Helped in Sustaining Businesses: 

COVID hit not only small and new businesses but also big ventures. When businesses do not run and grow properly, it affects the global economy. Those organizations who moved to PPC advertising maintained the basic revenue and sustained in the most difficult year. Through Bing Ads and Google Ads, people generated profit. They might not get a good amount of profit but managed to sustain and this was like a ‘drowning man got clutch at a straw’.

When you see your well-established business is not working well as it used to be, then it can cause anxiety, but taking a bold decision can work here.

Those people who did not take a bold decision like paying websites for getting visitors faced loss in their businesses.

Businessmen Had to Spend Little Amount:

Due to COVID, businesses were not in the condition to spend large money. But to save it, they had to find a way where they have to spend little money. Many people tried PPC in displaying their ads on social sites and for this, they did not have to spend more money. They reached the targeted audience and made loyal customers using PPC.

Several businesses might not reach the actual audience due to pandemics, but applying PPC marketing helped them somewhat.

Key Employees Were Hired Again: 

Those businesses who had to dismiss their key employees due to loss, hired them again. This became possible because of switching or moving to the digital marketing model PPC. When you have very few employees in the office, then running the system effectively can be a difficult task and several businesses faced this issue in the last year. They did not have enough employees and this hampered the work a lot, but when they started to use paid search marketing, became able to get back the business on track, and hired their loyal and key employees again.

Rehiring former employees also helped in saving money that businesses usually spend on freshers’ training programs. According to research, 77% of employees thought they would be re-hired by their companies, and it happened; not for every dismissed employee but many got their job again.

Traffic Was Directed Back: 

Numerous businesses lost their customers due to uncertainties brought by COVID-19 in the year 2020. Several websites could not maintain traffic because of the lack of a new marketing strategy. Many businesses used paid marketing help to get their traffic back and this actually worked for their businesses. Three fourth’s of people said that PPC made it easier to find information quickly. You might not believe but 33% of people clicked on ads in 2020 that show direct answers to queries (search engine land 2019).

2020 Busts the Myth Regarding PPC: 

People went from worst to good after applying PPC and received conversions. When companies had limited staff, budget, and time in the year 2020, moving to this form of marketing helped them a lot. They could connect to real customers who actually want service.

Busts the Myth Regarding PPC
Abstract Double exposure of Business man touching an imaginary screen against white background

Before 2020, some myths were prevalent about PPC, but they were busted. Have a look at the below section to know what were these myths.

  1. Being in the number 1 position is more profitable: This myth is related to PPC. In the year 2020, several businesses could not achieve the number 1 rank because their sole motive was to survive. PPC might not bring them to the number one position, but helped them to sustain.
  1. PPC is too expensive: Sometime ago people used to think that using PPC for marketing can not help as it is too expensive. But a lot of companies used this form of marketing and realized that this is not that expensive, instead ithelped to reach their customers easily.
  1. No one clicks the PPC Ads: Many people think that no one clicks on PPC ads, but this is also a myth because if this was the case,this form of marketing would’ve drowned way before. There are millions of people who used PPC in the year 2020 and got profit.

According to a report, 45% of small businesses are investing in Pay-Per-Click; if no one clicked on PPC ads, then why would anyone invest in it?

Think about it.

  1. PPC affects the organic position: If you think PPC affects the organic position, then you can be wrong;as it has nothing to do with the organic position. The traffic that is created from an organic way is free whereas you have to pay to generate traffic through PPC. Whoever thought in the year 2020 that PPC can affect their organic traffic for business growth, had to face loss.

Numerous businesses analyzed the importance of PPC and maintained good growth. You can understand by knowing the fact that 40% of brands increased spending in their PPC marketing in the year 2020.

  1. No need for PPC if organic rank is high: Having organic rank is great, but if businesses wish to double their profit they can use PPC marketing. If you are satisfied with the organic rank,then don’t use PPC. But during the pandemic, businesses’ growth slowed down and people were looking for a solution. Many people used PPC marketing to get visitors to their site because during pandemic time, visitors ratio slowed down.

Running your ads on the website where people generally go can help because if they found the PPC ad relevant, they can click on it.

  1. Google is the sole search engine worth for advertisements: Google is not only the platform for advertisement, there are other ones also. Well,Google is good, but you can also use other forms for marketing. You can run PPC on Bing, Buysell Ads, Infolinks, Adroll, and many more. There are some countries that do not use Google ads. They used the mentioned PPC marketing platforms in the pandemic year and managed to save their companies.
  1. No one search at night: When people were not allowed to go out in the year 2020 and they had to spend their time in the house. Students life also got hampered as they could not go out to seek research paper help from the teachers and had to rely on internet entire the year.

A lot of people used phones at the night in the year 2020. Whoever ran their service ads in the day time only, could not get much traffic.

According to research, people pay more attention to videos and ads at night. People who figured out this information took the help of PPC ads and ran their advertisements throughout the day and night and received more visitors on their sites.

You may have understood how helpful PPC marketing was in the year 2020. Will it will be as beneficial as this in the year 2021? Let’s analyze it.

Future of PPC Advertising: 

As we all know how difficult the year 2020 has been for numerous businesses, taking lessons from the year can help to boost your work. There are some new PPC guidelines have come and its forms can also come in the following year. You can use them for the development of your company and gain a good profit. So, test new platforms and features of PPC, and always be ready to deal with unpredictable problems in the business.

Future of PPC Advertising
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“There is a difference between listening and waiting for your turn to speak”. – Simon Sinek.

This quote suggests you to be optimistic this new year if you could not perform well in 2020. Now you have understood how beneficial it is to use PPC, so use it because this can get you the more traffic. Instead of wasting time, take a bold decision and come up with amazing plans.

Best wishes for the future!

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Eric has been working as a digital marketing expert in one of the prestigious company. Helped the company to grow and manage in the critical situation through his marketing skills. Also, he is associated with Assignment Prime and helps students who struggle in assignment writing.