How RFID Wristbands can Access Security Control of the Premise?

With the constant advancements in RFID technology, more and more industries and organizations are incorporating this technology in their premises. 

The very fact is its robust security access control system which enables the industry to monitor the entire premises and ensure the safety of its staff, client, and visitors. 

RFID wristbands are one of the by-products of the RFID technology that helps in accessing the security control of the entire premise. 

Whether you’re a company with a single floor or a company with multiple premises and hundreds of staff, the technology of RFID integrated into the wristband can implement a security access control system for your business facility with the ability to control it from any internet-enabled device like smartphone or PC.

Components Of RFID Wristbands

The technology of Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) channelizes electromagnetic fields to identify and track objects and people automatically. 

Most RFID integrated wristbands, including Ntag213 Woven Wristbands, custom wristbands, or silicone wristbands have a microchip with a smart tag, a reader with an antenna, and an access control server that helps in tracking and monitoring the entire premise.

RFID Mifare classic 1K or Ntag213 Woven Wristbands for events

The RFID wristband first cross-references the data that is stored on the tag with its database. If the data matches, the access is then granted. 

Process of RFID Custom Silicone Wristbands Acess Security Control

The wristband reader inside the RFID chip emits a radio frequency energy field. The moment the RFID-integrated wristband enters the field, the power from the RFID field energizes an aerial of the copper wire inside the card. 

The aerial empowers the chip of the custom silicone wristband that contains the ID number and other data contained on the card, such as unique customer or facility code. This unique ID number is then sent back to the reader.

NBG-GJ003 Fudan08 Silicon Wristbands

After the ID number is found, the reader sends it to the RFID security access control system which will then decide whether the RFID wristband holder is authorized to enter the premises or not. 

Once the lock on the door of a particular premise receives the green signal from the RFID chip reader, it can then be opened automatically.

The best part is that the staff of the premises or visitors don’t have to lock the door constantly behind them, as the RFID silicone wristbands identifying or suspecting the person automatically allows the door to get closed. This helps to ensure that the door is secured every time after the access is granted.

Using the RFID technology integrated wristbands gives the user real-time analytics of how wearers move and interact with your premise and attraction. 

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Streamline the Entry & Exit Process

RFID wristbands technology not only helps secure the business premise, but also streamlines the entrance and exit for visitors, so they can have a positive experience at your site. 

This can prove to be a problem solver if you have organized a big event on your premises, inviting a huge crowd to participate in the event. With the easy scanning process of the RFID wristbands, it becomes easier to avoid the queue and allow quick entrance and exit to the visitors.

Implement the use of RFID wristbands can improve the security of business premises. Each band is connected to an individual identifying information, so even if somehow the wristband got stolen, it would be easy to get it back to the individual. Access this technologically advanced security system secures your facility without troubling anyone.