How the Events Industry Has Leveraged Technology to Evolve

The wedding planning industry is one of the largest industries in the world, gaining profits in millions from all the extravagant weddings that are hosted every year. With the boom in technology advancements, the wedding industry has leveraged all kinds of technological resources to amplify its reach and cater to the specific wedding requirements of all its clients. By automating certain processes in wedding planning, the industry operates seamlessly, conveniently and efficiently. 

Considering that the Indian wedding industry grows at the rate of 25%-30% every year, there is enough scope for the planning companies to take advantage of digital and technological resources. This guide highlights some technological strategies adopted by the wedding industry, making it more resilient to any disruptions (such as pandemics). 

Leveraging technology to enhance the wedding industry

  • Planning a wedding at the click of a button 

Due to the availability and convenience of wedding apps, planning a wedding has become easy and seamless for everyone. The ability to plan a wedding online makes it convenient for the clients to specify their needs and plan a celebration that caters to their specific requirements. From choosing individual decoration elements to going on virtual tours of the wedding venues, the simplicity of wedding apps is appropriate to plan a wedding while being at the comfort of your home. The wedding industry started adopting contactless solutions way before the pandemic hit globally. The benefit of a digital platform is to bring all possible wedding vendors to one destination and make the chaotic wedding planning process much easier. 

  • Live stream of weddings

As much fun as we have attending weddings in person and absorbing the festive atmosphere, there are times when it is not possible to attend weddings due to many reasons. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic gave rise to virtual weddings in the last year and people made sure to go ahead with their wedding plans, despite the ongoing pandemic. Now there are options of various software and live streaming platforms where people can get together to stream weddings and be a part of the celebration virtually. Soon, there is scope to capture weddings virtually through drones as they capture an overall view of the entire celebration. Moreover, the fun fact about live streaming is that now there is an anchor who hosts virtual weddings for all the guests. The guests have an option to choose what they want to view, such as the dance floor, the wedding set-up, or the food section. This enables them to get a 360-degree view of the wedding, without missing out on any details from any section. 

  • Digital invitations, aka E-invites 

There is no limit to creativity when it comes to designing digital invitations for weddings and events. People have used their creative knack to design innovative digital invites in the form of still graphics, as well as in video forms. This saves up a massive amount of costs when it comes to compiling an invitation hamper for the guests and the additional delivery costs to get the invitations delivered all over the country. 

  • Photography and videography

The trends followed by the wedding industry are getting more extravagant year by year. Most photographers and videographers make use of the wedding space by experimenting with their equipment and tools. Any wedding venue in Delhi has an indoor and outdoor space that requires mapping to capture all the essential elements. Most photographers have started using drones to capture the entire event and to capture the essence of the wedding so that the people who cannot make it to the wedding can still experience it. 

  • Miscellaneous 

Technology has played a significant role in downsizing many minor tasks that would cause more stress for the families who are planning a wedding. Guest management is more seamless and convenient now since it can all be managed on one platform virtually. Additionally, one benefit of technology advancement is the live updates from any events. Now the guests can receive instant notifications or live updates with the schedule of different wedding functions, making it simpler to notify them and keep them updated with the schedule. The biggest advantage of adopting digital substitutes is that it helps to save time and costs. Moreover, it has a lower impact on the environment and sustainably it is more effective since resources are not wasted. People can sit in the comfort of their homes and plan their wedding with utmost precision by getting all the resources on their digital devices and being able to control most tasks by themselves. All in all, technology has played a huge role in transforming the wedding industry and easing the process of planning a wedding.