How To Ask The Right Questions To Your Tarot Reader?

The key to having a fulfilling and enlightening Tarot reading session is to ask the right questions. Are you wondering why? Let’s find out.

Asking the right questions can ensure that you unlock the answers that you seek. The questions that you ask can make a world of difference. This is because the questions allow you to communicate your intention behind you opting for a Tarot reading to the Tarot card reader. Once the intention is clear, you will be able to receive proper guidance. With Tarot cards, you can ask about any topic under the Sun. No matter what concern or issue might be plaguing you, you can discuss it with the Tarot reader and get the matter resolved or get the right guidance. However, asking the right questions to the Tarot readers becomes incredibly important if you want the Tarot reading session to benefit you.

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Things to Keep in Mind While Asking Questions

You might think asking well-formulated questions during a Tarot session is a piece of cake, but that’s not the case. Hence, here are some of the key pointers that you are supposed to keep in mind when you are talking to the Tarot reader so that you can craft a well-rounded question. Remember that asking the right questions will ensure that you get the right answers, whereas vague questions will only give you unclear and ambiguous answers.


  • Go for Open-Ended Questions


It’s much better if you opt for open-ended questions instead of asking ‘Yes or No’ questions. Open-ended questions allow for deep reflection or exploration of a situation. Tarot cards are the perfect divination tool if you want to evaluate different options or different possibilities. When you ask open-ended questions, Tarot cards can leave things for interpretation and offer you lots of wisdom and insights, which direct ‘Yes or No’ questions can’t provide. Open-ended questions give a chance for you to reflect on what’s going on inside you. For example, instead of asking- “will I find a new job?” you might ask- “what’s stopping me from finding a new job?” Another example could be, instead of asking- “Will my business improve?” you can ask- “what steps can I take to improve my business?”


  • Don’t Ask Questions about Other People


The lives of others are not your business- You should remember this when you are going for a Tarot reading session. If there is a problem between you and another person, and you want to know ways to fix the problem or restore the harmony in your relationship with that person, those questions are welcomed. However, if you want to know something about someone for your personal gain, you should steer away from asking such questions. This especially is for romantic situations. You should not ask questions pertaining to what someone might be thinking or feeling, as it is an invasion of their privacy. For example, instead of asking whether your crush loves you or not, you can ask- “what can I do to build a stronger bond with him/her?” This is a much better way to frame your question.


  • Don’t Ask Specifics


Tarot cards are meant to offer you the best possible guidance so that you can make the right choices. The Tarot cards and the readings are not at all meant to give you exact data or predictions about the future. This is why you shouldn’t ask for specific names or dates, or outcomes.


  • “What Can I” Or “How Can I” Questions


Tarot cards are the best divination tool that can offer you the right guidance to help you navigate the maze of life. The insights which the cards provide can help you chart your path towards your destination. This is why asking questions like “what can I do to find my life partner?” or “how can I build a stronger bond with my spouse?” or “how can I discover the purpose of my life?” etc., can prove to be helpful. These questions will allow you to get the proper guidance. The Tarot cards can show you different perspectives and possibilities so that you can make the right decisions. 

Summing Up

When you consult a Tarot reader for a session, make sure to be direct, honest, and don’t hold back information. Remember that a little information about whatever problem or concern you might have will allow the Tarot reader to focus better on your problem and interpret the messages of the card, which will automatically assist them in giving you better answers. The more honest and open you are, the more beneficial the insights will be. Additionally, be open to the advice and guidance given by the reader and the Tarot cards. Don’t just vehemently oppose the advice or dismiss it, just because it is something that you didn’t expect to hear. Remember that the Tarot cards give you the messages you need to know and not what you want to hear.

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