How to Become an App Developer from Scratch?

The app development industry is vast and is about to witness a steep incline in the forthcoming years. According to reports, the app development industry’s approximate worth was around USD 188bn in 2020. Considering the statistics, the amount of profit in the market is vast, and it will only increase. You can develop apps for yourself or a company. Either way, it will benefit you. You can even create Fantasy Sports websites & apps Like Dream11, MyTeam11 which are in trend.

Moving on, let us take a look at how to become an app developer from scratch. Firstly, it is not mandatory to go to college and study to get a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Although it is an option, it will require a lot of time and money from your end.

Select One of the Significant App Development Platforms:

It is the first step to take while learning to become an app developer from scratch. When you start digging, you will notice various platforms like Android, iOS, Blackberry RIM, Symbian, and more.

You can even consider developing apps for the Windows 10 platform, but it is not the best option. Most of us know that Android and iOS are the most dominating platforms in the league. So, it will be best if you choose to start your app development journey with iOS or Android apps.

Android and iOS platforms differ a lot from each other. It is why you need to select a platform for specializing in it. You can even become a master of both the platforms, but we do not recommend to begin with it. It is best to start easy and focus on one platform. You can then work on expanding your skills and include other platforms.

Learn the Necessary Skills:

To be an app developer, you must be proficient in essential software development skills. Many of you might be at different stages and might possess different levels of knowledge. You must know where your start point is.

If you are a beginner and are new to the world of app development, it will help if you take a short course on computer science. Many sites provide valuable courses for free.

If you are not proficient in coding, but you possess the basic knowledge of OOPs and the working, it will be simpler to understand app development. You must still take up courses.

If you are a web developer trying to get into app development, numerous platforms will help you switch.

Become an Expert Coder:

Now that you know where you are coming from and you have chosen the platform, it is time to start mastering coding.


It is for those who are going to start app development for iOS. You need to learn Swift or Objective-C. Now, if you will be developing apps for your products, you should go for Swift. Similarly, if you are going to develop apps for a company, it will be best to learn Objective-C. It is because Objective-C requires a lot of documentation.

You will have access to the iOS developer library, which has great documentation. Some tutorials and videos will guide you and make you better at coding.


It is for those who are going to start app development for Android. You need to learn Java or Kotlin. It will be best to take a beginner’s course on Java for those who do not know its working. The ideal place to begin is Google’s Android Developer Library. Like iOS’s developer library, it also has excellent documentation and learning material for guidance.

One difference here is that you must know that there are many Android devices in the market before you begin with Android. It will cause complexities in the beginning. But once you get through that, you will have the ability to reach a broader market.

Mobile App Development Software:

Another alternate way to develop apps is by using mobile app development software. You don’t need coding in this method, and it has tonnes of templates for you to start.

Master the Skills:

Writing code embarks the start of building an application. For best results, you must write clean code.

  • Build an App Idea: Find the common difficulties that people are facing. You need to list them and shortlist the most sensible ones to resolve with the app. Voila, you now have an idea for the app.
  • Lay the Details: You need to ensure that the app you are developing is easy to understand. Users should not face problems with navigation. You also need to come up with features that are innovative and can help the users. A top-notch UI is a must if you want your users not to leave.
  • Hire People: App development is more of a team job, and it will also be challenging for you to do all the coding by yourself, especially if you are a beginner. If you are skilled in programming, there are other aspects. For instance, you might be great at coding but lacking in designing skills. Thus, you need to be a part of a team or hire a group of people with the unique skill sets necessary for app development.

Testing and Debugging:

After completing the app development, you need to test the app for errors. You can conduct beta tests in these stages. Or, you can share the app with your circle and let them notify you if there are bugs or glitches. You will be receiving negative feedback and missing out on clients if you ignore this step.


If you have successfully developed apps for one platform, you are now ready to convert to other platforms or keep practicing both of them. However, each platform is unique and has different features. Hence, it would be best if you modify the app according to it. So, this was a short guide on becoming an app developer from the beginning.