How to build a better smart home?

Let’s just say that having a smart house is not an essential requirement. Family members can have many other activities to spend their money, time and energy.

However, we’re not your normal family. For us, creating a smart home is a hobby that we consider an investment in our families’ future.

Here are the guidelines for directing the course of our smart-home project.

Save Money

How can a family not want to give their budget a little more flexibility?

Many of the products available today are not cheap, but they can save you money and pay for themselves. There are many options available, including smart thermostats and LED lighting bulbs. A little bit of extra can make a difference in the long-term (and help reduce your environmental footprint).

Reduce friction

Anything that reduces or simplifies my life is great. We only keep products which simplify common tasks without adding any additional steps.

Increase Security

I have two young children and live in the woods so I am constantly searching for new ways to keep them safe. Smart locks and motion detectors are good first steps. Cameras are another step.

I’ll only install products that combine increased functionality with common sense security. Smart locks must include strong bolts and encrypted cameras.

Avoid Obsolescence

It is evident that the smart-home market is still in its “wild West” phase. It is not uncommon to see new products, standards or APIs emerge every day. There has never been a dominant player in the smart home market. This trend will only increase as Apple, Google, Samsung and others make their presence more known in the coming month.

With this in mind, I look for products that can be used together. I don’t want my investment in a product or system that hasn’t been updated in the past year.

Do Something Cool

Any geek will tell ya that it is hard to resist a shiny new toy. Smart homes are especially appealing to our geeky family. What kid doesn’t want to be able to lock the doors with your voice? Have lights sync to your music? Get cell phone alerts in case of an attempted break-in.

The smart home is finally possible after decades of science fiction.

Find the right smart home automation providers to turn your home to a smart one.