How to Choose a Tattoo Design: A Beginner’s Guide

If you are planning on getting a brand-new ink, but you have no idea what to get, you are not alone.

Whether this is your first tattoo or your fifteenth, deciding on the theme can be quite challenging more so if you want something profoundly connotative or something that resonates your personality the best.

Tattoos last for an eternity, so, you must be careful when choosing a design. The following write-up aims to reduce the regrets. Please check it out right now.

Narrow Down the Options

The experts working for the best tattoo shops Gold Coast said you must first understand the options readily available. Based on your preferences and circumstances, there are two types of tattoos you may opt for – custom tattoos and flash tattoos.

In case of custom tattoos, it is best if you have at least an idea of what you want. Make a list of themes and take them to the artist you appointed. He/she will be able to provide guidance as to what you can ink and show you some of their previous work. Something will surely catch your eye.

Custom tattoos need a substantial amount of effort and time, but they provide you the chance to experiment with the artist. The artist will offer several drawings and patterns tailored to your requirements.

Derive Inspiration from the Social Media Platforms

If you have a clear idea of what you may want, take the idea online and do extensive searching. Look through the hashtags as per the themes on Instagram. There will you find many photos. You do not have to take pictures of real tattoos. Paintings and sketches also work.

What Defines Your Personality?

It is common to not find inspiration for a long time. When people feel fully lost, they usually opt for a generic design. If you are looking for something meaningful, delve deep. You do not have to develop a design right away. You just need a clue. Maybe you have a custom you are proud of or are a devoted fan of a movie, sports team, etc. Think of the things that you feel familiar with the most.


Spend enough time about the design and the placement. If you still feel stuck, a brainstorming session may be required. The optimal way to approach this is to focus on the most important aspects of life. This include things related to work, family, hobbies, and personal interests. Arrange these things thematically and chalk down all the possible designs associated with the theme.

According to the experts providing the best tattoo in Gold Coast, in the end, it is up to you what to use to adorn your skin. The path to choosing a perfect design is not always easy. It involves years of research along with thorough self-reflection.

The best thing to do is be patient. You can feel frustrated when the right idea just would not crop up. When you eventually set your mind on a tattoo, please hire an experienced expert.