How to choose between two new law courses – BA LLB Vs. BBA LLB

Over the last few years, there are quite a few legal courses that transcend into other subjects that have gained immense popularity and recognition. Students nowadays are seen queuing up to gain admission to the best BA LLB Hons colleges in MP which is one such interdisciplinary course in law. Another interdisciplinary course too is becoming hugely famous for BBA LLB with the law aspirant students. These courses are also many times offered at the same institute. This confuses the students to choose a suitable course at the BA LLB Hons colleges in MP.

Amity gwalior


The course offered at the best BA LLB Hons colleges in MP is an integrated law program at the undergraduate level similar to the BBA LLB course. Both courses offered at the BA LLB Hons colleges in MP run for five years if the student opts for the full-time option. Not many colleges offer these courses as a part-time option while most colleges provide both study subjects. Both courses require the student to be selected through an entrance test or merit as per the individual requirements of the institute.

Key differences

The BA LLB is a slightly older entrant than the BBA LLB but both courses have now been available at institutes across the country for at least over a decade. These two courses offered at any of the best BA LLB Hons colleges in MP tackle different subjects. While the BA LLB Hons colleges in MP offer an amalgamation of law with arts, the BBA LLB course provides knowledge of business administration. The career opportunities and professional outreach possibilities through both courses however are quite similar.

Which one is better?

There are no clear-cut answers that we may offer that put one course over the other as both are unique in themselves. The similarities between the courses offered at the best BA LLB Hons colleges in MP outweigh the subtle differences. Even in terms of the final output of profession available through their study at any of the BA LLB Hons colleges in MP are similar. The final choice of study is entirely dependent on the interest of the candidate and their strength in either humanities or the management fields.


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