How to Choose the Perfect Luxury Leather Sofas?

Luxury leather sofas provide a sensual and luxurious feeling once you sink into them. These feelings evoked by a rustic vintage sofa or a sleek modern design with a sophisticated European style cannot be explained in words. Not only these sofas are known for their elegant statement in any home, but they are also highly durable and long-lasting when treated in the right way. They will survive the harshest of times and can easily pass down from generation to generation.

Knowing the features is one thing; doing the research properly before investing is important. There are manifold options available in the market, so here are four things that you need to consider when you are on the hunt for your ideal leather sofa.

How To Know If Your Sofa Is Manufacture From Quality Leather?

The quality of genuine leather is divided into two main types, and that is the top grain and the bottom split. Go for the leather sofa made from grain leather as they tend to be more robust and durable than the split leather, which tends to be more fragile, unstable, and likely to stretch. The split one has no grain and is not best for the furniture. The full grain leather or semi-corrected leather falls under the category of genuine top quality leather.

If you are unsure about the genuineness of the leather, search for any minute imperfections. Why? Real leather does not have a smooth surface. The grain within the leather gives a groovy and unevenness, which signals its genuine quality.

What Are Different Styles Of Leather Sofa?

Leather sofas have a never-changing appeal that will stay in fashion for eternity. However, there is a wide range of styles and configurations that you can choose from that match your lifestyle and current decor.

In the present era, the classic Chesterfield sofa is in high demand. The timeless lines of a historical era give a rustic appeal to a room, especially when paired with plush vintage style rugs, dark wooden shelves, bookcases, and antique decor.

Moreover, if you have a contemporary interior design, you will get overwhelmed with so much variety of leather sofas. The modern leather sofa has sleek lines, low slung, along with a modular design so you can mix and match with shapes and angles.

In addition, if you prefer leather but don’t want to make it a bold statement, you can add a different feel to your rooms by adding a fabulous leather accent chair or a leather ottoman. You can even double the design with a coffee table or a storage piece.

What Colours Are Best For a Leather Sofa?

We know that leather sofas make the canter of attraction of any room. So this makes the color choice vital. If you want your sofa to blend in with the existing style and decor, then opt for natural leather pigments, creams, tans, or browns. These earthy tones work perfectly in almost all settings.

Leather sofa in black and charcoal color is also a bold option to create a little drama while working with a variety of present color palettes and styles.

If you have modern architecture and looking to make a bold statement, ten white colors bring out the glamor. It gives a striking and sophisticated appeal and can be mixed and matched with your choice of cushions.

Want a more bold and daring statement? Go for an accent chair in a bright color like tangerine or yellow to create a style of 50s and 60s.

Luxury leather sofas

How Long Will Leather Sofa Last?

With leather, you don’t have to worry about its longevity. It is durable, easy to maintain, and will last for years if properly taken care of it.