How to Choose the Right Blankets & Quilts for Your Baby

Swaddling is one of the best things parents can do to keep their little ones warm, cozy, and secure, especially during the winter season. A soft blanket or quilt wrapped snugly around the baby’s body not only recreates the same comforting snugness as the womb but also keeps her from being disturbed by the Moro reflex, also known as Startle Reflex.

Baby blankets and quilts are an infant’s best friend. Even many babies refuse to fall asleep without them. Hence, buying a high-quality blanket or quilt is a significant investment in itself. If you’re planning to buy a blanket or quilt for your little bundle of joy, here are some tips on how to pick the perfect one!

#Buy for the Season

Baby blankets and quilts come in various materials, such as Cotton, Muslin, Fleece, Flannel, Wool, etc., which vary in temperature, durability, and ease of cleaning. So while you’re buying a blanket or quilt for your newborn, it’s highly recommended you consider the season. For instance, a thin cotton blanket is appropriate for the warmer months, while a flannel or fleece quilt will prove best to keep your infant warm throughout the winter.

#Choose the Right Type

Since there are many different types of blankets and quilts available in the market today, you need to decide what kind is perfect for your little one. Traditional blankets and quilts are small in size and square in shape; on the other hand, modern versions are designed to wrap an easier task. Even some blankets and quilts also feature Velcro straps to help you keep your little one tightly secured and ultra-safe.

#Think of the Comfort

The next thing you should consider is your baby’s comfort. As your newborn has very delicate skin, you need to make sure the blanket or quilt is neither too harsh nor too soft. Ensure the blanket/quilt will make your infant feel secure and comfortable; otherwise, he will cry. If it feels pleasant against your skin, then it’s worth buying.

#Choose the Right Size

Choosing the right size is as important as picking the right type. A large blanket or quilt may not fit your baby well, whereas a tight-fitting one can make him cry. So whether you’re going to buy a traditional square-shaped or modern blanket/quilt, make sure the size is perfect for snuggling up with or carrying around. However, keep in mind the average size of a blanket/quilt may vary among manufacturers.

#Consider the Safety

Be it a blanket or quilt; always consider the safety of your little one. Since infants have susceptible skin, the blanket or quilt you’ve decided to purchase must be free of chemicals to avoid allergic reactions. Also, make sure it is breathable enough to minimize the risk of accidental suffocation. Blankets and quilts made with Cotton fabric are best to buy because they are lightweight, breathable, and durable.

#Try Different Colors & Prints

When it comes to buying baby blankets and quilts, there is a limitless number of patterns and colors available in the market to choose from. Depending on your preference, you can pick from either light or bold colors. If you have a baby boy, you can opt for a blue or green color; otherwise, a red or pink blanket or quilt is a perfect choice for a baby girl. Also, to make your nursery look bright and cheery, you can go with a pattern like textual, floral, animal, cute hearts, etc.

#Make Sure It’s Easy to Clean

Newborns love to make a mess! The blanket or quilt you purchase gets dirty often and, consequently, needs to be washed many times a day. As a new mom, you have your hands full with your little bundle of joy, so a difficult-to-clean blanket or quilt is something you must avoid. Instead, prefer to buy easy to clean (or say machine-washable) blankets and quilts that get dry quickly.

#Look at Affordability

Given that your baby will be using the blanket or quilt mostly during the winter season, you should go with affordable options. However, you can consider going with high-priced blankets and quilts if they are suitable to use in every season.