How to Choose the Right Carpet For Your Remodel

The decision to remodel your Calgary home takes planning and budgeting to see the best results. A remodel creates your ideal living space so you can enjoy living in your home for years to come. It also helps increase your home’s value should you decide to sell. With both these benefits in mind, it’s important to consider every detail of your remodel both functionally and aesthetically.

If you decide to install carpeting, it can be difficult to choose the right carpeting with all the options available today. Here we offer tips to help you find the ideal carpeting for your remodel.

Consider the Room

First, you want to consider how you use the room. Carpet is ideal for bedrooms, living rooms, studies, dens, media rooms, playrooms, and more. The room is important because it also helps determine the best type of carpeting. Telling your Calgary carpeting expert how you intend to use the room helps them determine which grade and style of carpet are suited to your needs.

The Style

Once you understand the use of the room, you can start thinking about style. Keep in mind function and style tie together. If you plan to lay a white carpet in a very high traffic area, for example, you really need to reconsider. Wear and tear can really start to show quickly in lighter colors.

The same can be said for floors where the kids play, pets tend to hang around, or even where you tend to entertain. The good news is that innovative technology in stain guarding has made it much easier to maintain even the lightest colored carpets. Other things to consider for style include:

  • Room Size: Smaller rooms can appear larger with lighter colored carpets, while a large room can feel cozier with warmer, darker colors.
  • Natural Light: A room with lots of natural light can brighten up darker colours if you are leaning towards darker coloured carpeting, while dark rooms with little natural light will benefit from lighter coloured carpets.
  • Other Décor Elements: It makes sense to choose the main design elements of the room before you choose the carpeting. Using your drapes, fabrics on your furniture, and of course, the colors of your walls is the best way to make sure your carpet color ties in with your design scheme.
  • Texture: Don’t forget carpeting adds plenty of texture to a room if you aren’t careful. Different types of piles can help smooth out the floor, while interesting cuts and design elements add texture and interest.
  • Staying or Selling: A very important consideration for style is if you intend to stay in your home, or you completed the remodel to help sell your home. For your own use you can get more personalized in the style, while for sellers, neutral is always the safest route.

Be sure to ask for a swatch of carpet to take home. This way you see exactly how the color and texture read in the actual environment.


Carpeting can be a very budget-friendly option. However, it also has just as varied a price range as any other type of flooring. Factors that impact price include:

  • The type of material of your carpeting
  • Stain guarding options
  • The cut, pile, and texture of the carpeting
  • The square footage of your space
  • The layout of your space such as stairs, curves, awkward angles, etc.
  • Cost of padding, installation, seaming, etc.

Remember, your budget also makes it easier for your Calgary carpet store to help narrow down your choices. With so many designs available, they can direct you to options that are within your price range.


Carpeting comes in a range of qualities that impact their appearance, durability, comfort, and of course price. So while you might lean towards the most affordable carpeting, consider the quality issues that can impact your return on investment. Important considerations for quality and value include:

  • The type of stain proofing, how long it lasts, and any warranties that come along with it
  • The life expectancy and durability of the carpeting
  • The comfort underfoot or against the skin when lounging on the floor
  • The technology used in the manufacturing process
  • Materials used both for the pile and the backing
  • Brand

Keep in mind it’s not just the quality of the carpet itself, but also the padding and installation. You don’t want to spend tons of money on a high-end carpet, and then try to save by either installing it yourself or ordering a lower quality underpadding. Both of these things will affect the overall quality of your carpeting.

These tips will help you find the perfect carpet for your remodel.