How to Choose the Right Roofing Materials for a Commercial Building

Your commercial building’s roof is crucial as it protects the property and your family against adverse weather conditions. Thus, your building’s security is mostly dependent on the roofing material.

The wide availability of options, including Decra metal shingles, makes it tricky to choose the right roofing material. To do so, you need to consider the factors below:


You should choose a roofing element considering your commercial property’s architecture. Tiles are perfect for antique properties, while asphalt shingles suit almost all property structures because of their versatility.


Make sure you pick a roofing material that suits your building framework and wall-paint color.

Roof Installation

Check if your roof is installed on a new framework as a replacement roof or it is only an addition to the current structure. If you want new roof installation, you can explore more options rather than a limited roof framework, pitch, and materials.


The best roofing company in Fayetteville and any other city in North Carolina can always choose and install the right roofing material perfectly.


Extra roofing also reduces your material options as the addition requires work to go well with the current framework.

Energy Saving

When you install the right roofing material, you have a lot of money on energy bills. For instance, asphalt and metal shingles don’t absorb solar heat and pass it below but reflect it away.


If you have a cool roof, you don’t need to use AC much, which saves energy bills.

Local Climate

To prevent roof damage, you need to select a roofing material that can withstand poor climatic conditions in your locality. If it rains heavily in your area often, choose a roofing material that can withstand the rainfall.


Install a sloping roof that allows easy snow and water drainage. Humid coastal weather and trees taller than your roof can grow moss, mildew, and mold on your roof. Slate tiles, concrete, and terracotta are perfect for hot climates. Do you live in a cold region? If yes, select materials that trap heat like Decra metal shingles.


Your roof stays in good condition for a long time if you choose a material that is easy to maintain. Think about how frequently you need to paint or recoat for maintenance. Professionals dealing with commercial roofing in Raleigh NC and nearby areas can help you with the maintenance.


Keep the roof’s weight in mind as heavy materials can affect the interior framework. You should choose a roofing material that adds stability to your commercial building structure but does not overload it.


With aging, a building loses its strength. If your property was built decades ago, you should decrease the overall weight of your building by installing the light roofing material.


If you live in a place that is exposed to natural hazards such as hurricanes and hail storms, you should choose a resilient roofing material. Water can pass through a tiny hole in your rooftop and damage your building.


A resilient roof can withstand damages. All the roofing materials are not fully fire-resistant, but some don’t ignite because of sparks from a nearby fire. The popular options are asphalt, tiles, and metals.


Set a budget before choosing a roofing material. As the prices of roofing materials differ, you need to know how much you can afford. For instance, slate costs much more than asphalt shingles. High-quality and durable roofing materials cost more than low-quality elements.


Expensive roofing material may not last forever. The price is higher only because of the brand name. Get in touch with the best Roofing Company in Fayetteville and nearby areas to choose the right material suited to your requirements and budget.


Before choosing a roofing material, check its lifespan to make the most of your money. Think if you want to sell the property soon or continue your operations for long. When you intend to continue operations for years, you should select durable materials such as tile and slate. They last for decades and can bear adverse climatic conditions.


Select a roofing material considering your plan. If they don’t last long, you waste your money.


The Bottom Line

As a roof protects your commercial property, the furniture, and your staff, you should choose a material that adds maximum protection. Ensure you consider the factors mentioned above to make the right choice.