How To Connect Two Laptops

Hey, I have a problem, I do not understand how to move my documents from my old laptop to my new laptop? How to move files from laptop to laptop? , how to transfer files with high speed from one laptop to another without any device or transfer directly? These types of questions are asked every day, HOW TO CONNECT TWO LAPTOPS?

Here we present to try to solve this problem, there are many ways to transfer files by connecting two laptops instead of transfer files through pen-drive or any types of USB flash drives.

Connecting Two Laptops Through Simple Way

We are explaining the simple procedure to connect to laptops by using networking.

Every computer has a network for connecting worldwide this is a simple method and able to transfer high-speed data from one computer to another computer or laptop.

We talking about the connecting method through networking in this article, so there are two ways of connecting making the connection between laptops-


How To Connect Two Laptops Through A Lan

Connecting through LAN Local Area Network is the best idea for transferring data in between two laptops or more, using Ethernet cable the link of two laptops is made. Ethernet cables are using for broadband networking but also utilized to connect computers in both Windows and Mac operating systems. We teach you how to move every file with the help of LAN between two Laptops.

  1. You have to check firstly that in your both systems support Ethernet cable.
  2. If any of the systems/ laptops don’t have an Ethernet port then you have to use an Ethernet adopter externally.
  3. Now, you have to plug one end of the Ethernet cable in one laptop and the second end of the cable to the second laptop Ethernet port/ adopter.
  4. After performing this connection between both systems, open the control panel in your laptops by the press in the start button and tying the control panel or pressing the Windows key + R and search control panel.
  5. While you get the control panel tab, select the NETWORK AND INTERNET Option,
  6. Then click on the option- NETWORK SHARING CENTRE.
  7. Now, on the left side of the screen upper portion, there have 3-4 options, you have to select the third option- CHANGE ADVANCED SHARING SETTINGS.
  8. One Tab open with the name “CHANGE SHARING OPTION FOR DIFFERENT NETWORK PROFILES”, in this Tab you have to find “FILE AND PRINTING SHARING”.
  9. Click on the option “Turn on File and Printer Sharing”.
  10. Now, you have to click on “save changes”, else you lost your changing and doesn’t able to sharing files/ transferring files to the second laptop.
  11. For allowing both connected system to share or edit data’s,
  12. A folder needs to select, then click on the option share, now you have to choose the recipient and click on done.
  13. This step will be done on another laptop, Open File Explorer. Click on the “system name of the sender the first laptop)”by which the file is being shared. If the laptop is password-protected, enter the password.
  14. Now you also able to view the contents of the first laptop and edit them.

Note- This procedure works on both laptops.

But now some questions are rise this technique is work on every laptop in any range like your laptops under 50000 other, on any OS.