How To Create a Sustainable Exercise Routine

Exercising should be a vital part of your schedule if you hope to stay independent long after your bones have become old. But you have got to start somewhere and sadly the first steps are always the hardest.


Learning how to incorporate exercises and make them part of your daily routine is the hard part and many people suffer from burnout and give up soon after starting. But this doesn’t have to be the case for you.


Here are 6 ways of creating a sustainable exercise routine.

1.    Be Realistic

It is very easy to get carried away as you imagine all you want to accomplish. In the end, you will come with an exercise plan that looks good to your excited eyes, but you will not be able to sustain it long term.


If you don’t think you can set a realistic exercise routine, you can book physiotherapy in Singapore sessions, and they will help you set a routine that suits your needs. Additionally, they can adjust this routine as time goes by and your body becomes more used to exercising.

2.    Understand Why You are Doing It

You will need motivation down the line so ensure you know why you are starting your fitness journey. Wherever you are tempted to skip your workout, remind yourself why you started, and you will get the push you need to keep going.

3.    Set Short Term Goals

It is vital to have a long-term goal that motivates you to keep pushing yourself harder and harder. However, short-term goals are as important because you will feel good about yourself when you achieve them. So set short-term goals and challenge yourself once in a while; this is an amazing way of ensuring that your exercising routine never gets boring.

4.    Keep a Journal

An exercising journal is a great way to keep track and record your fitness journey.  Record your achievements, your highs, and lows, and when you feel really discouraged, you will look back on how far you have come and get the strength to move on!

5.    Expect Setbacks

Sadly it is not a smooth journey soi be ready to encounter setbacks here and there, but don’t give up; keep going! Whenever you feel that your muscles are aching or suffering from back pain in Singapore, don’t hesitate to get the help you need in healing and rehabilitating your injuries.

Once you are back on your feet, start where you left off and keep going.

6.    Do What You Enjoy

It is very easy to find the motivation to wake up every day and do what you love. So ensure that your exercise routine has exercises you enjoy doing; if you love running, you can start with that or cycling. It is very easy to turn a workout you enjoy into a sustainable routine, so do not hesitate to adjust your routine to accommodate your likes.


The first step is the most important, yet it is the hardest. But the good news is that it gets easier as you get used to exercising. However, before you get there, make sure you have the motivation to wake up every day and exercise no matter how bored or tired you feel. Remember that you will feel good about yourself when you look back, so giving up isn’t an option!