How to deactivate your credit card?

How to deactivate your credit card? For whatever reason, if you are looking to know  how to cancel or deactivate your  credit card,  in this article we answer you on how to do it.

How to deactivate your credit card?

In Mexico, as well as there are more than 32 million credit cards taking the data from the  Bank of Mexico,  and within that amount some card users wish to deactivate it,  cancel the  credit card  without knowing exactly how.

The reasons for  deactivating the card  or canceling it can be from not being able to pay it to going bankrupt, avoiding paying the annuity, paying the interest rate, reducing the number of cards, being unemployed, etc.

How to deactivate your BBVA Bancomer credit card?

In order to cancel or deactivate a  credit card, BBVA Bancomer  has a direct, fast and free service. For which they must follow a series of steps to  cancel the credit card :

  • Before verifying that the account does not have a debit balance, a credit balance and be in zero balance and without movements in transit.
  • If they have automatic charges made to the card for electricity, telephone, water, gas or insurance services, they must notify said companies that they will make changes to the charge and indicate the new form of payment.

How can I deactivate my BBVA Bancomer credit card?

  • They can do so by phone, by calling the number on the back of the card.
  • The customer will receive a folio number to follow up.
  • In case the account has additional, they must notify that the card will be canceled / deactivated.
  • The  deactivation of the card  takes a maximum 24 hours. After the cancellation, the bank sends the client a confirmation letter by email.

How can I cancel my credit card?

First, they must consult their bank / There are usually two options to cancel the card at the bank branch or by calling the bank’s service phone / In both options, they must first pay off any debt that they register on the card and in the account.

  • Cover the total amount even if it is low since if not they will not be able to cancel it and if they even pay more, they will have a balance in their favor and, to recover that balance, they will have to do some paperwork.
  • If they don’t have money to pay off the debt, they can make a balance transfer.

Cancel or deactivate the credit card at the branch

To  cancel the credit card  through a bank branch, they must present a letter requesting the  deactivation of the card , with the personal data and those of the credit card to initiate the cancellation.

They must also present a proof of payment that shows the balance at zero, which will speed up the process of the procedure so that the bank gives them the acknowledgment of receipt, key or cancellation folio, whichever corresponds. The  bank  cannot charge you a commission for the  cancellation of the card , as part  of the cancellation process you  must give the bank the credit card.

Cancel or deactivate your credit card over the phone

To  cancel / deactivate the card by phone : They must have the credit card at hand and call the bank’s service number and the executive who attends the system will guide them.