How to Effectively Remove Skin Tags on Your Dog

If you compare dogs and humans, you will notice how they are sharing many similarities. For example, the skin of dogs is pretty much similar to that of humans, but it is covered with fur. Due to the similarity of skin, even dogs can end up with getting skin tags. This is where you will come across the need to learn how to remove skin tags on your dog effectively.

How do skin tags on dogs look like?

Dogs will not get skin tags on all parts of the body due to fur. However, there’s a possibility for them to get skin tags on areas such as stomach and around eyelids, where fur is less dense. Similar to skin tags that people get, the skin tags that your dog would get are completely harmless. However, people often tend to remove the skin tags that dogs get because of the looks that they create. This is where this article will help you.

In the meantime, you should also understand that there’s a possibility for your dog to get warts as well. Warts can lead your dog to more serious health issues when compared to skin tags. In case if you can see warts in your dog, you will need to go ahead and treat them without a delay. In fact, you should act fast before the dog pops them up.

Using over the counter medications to remove skin tags

If you are looking for the most convenient method available to remove skin tags of your dog, you may take a look at over the counter medications. There is no need for you to have a prescription to buy such medication and proceed with the removal of skin tags. These products are designed to freeze the skin tag of the dog. As a result, the skin tag would eventually shrink and fall off.

These medications will not bring any pain to your dog during the skin tag removal process as well. However, you might have to go through some challenges when you are applying the over the counter medications on your dog. That’s because your dog would immediately jump up because of the freezing sensation given by these skin tag removers.

Starving the skin tag

Any dog owner who is looking for an alternative approach to remove skin tags can think about starving the dog. It is a proven and a highly effective method available to remove skin tags. This method is extremely effective as well. In fact, we can recommend it as a realistic option available to get rid of the skin tags.

You will need to use rubbing alcohol for starving the skin tag and removing it. On top of that, you will also need to have a razor, scissors, and dental floss. When you have all the items needed, you can go ahead and shave the area surrounding the skin tag. Then you can apply a small amount of rubbing alcohol around the skin tag. This will help you to sanitize and clean the area.

Now you can take the dental floss and create a cinch knot around the skin tag from its base. You should make sure that you are putting this knot near the base. Then you will be able to tighten the knot. This will reduce the supply of blood to the skin tag and lead it to freezing. This is a highly effective method that we can recommend you remove skin tags from a dog.

Follow any of these two methods and get rid of the skin tags that you can see on your dog.

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