How to get Australian Visa?


If you are not an Australian citizen, in order to enter the country you need to apply for a visa before leaving Country.

There are different types of visa to go to Australia, and you can have access to one or the other depending on your nationality of origin, your age and the intentions of your trip (study, work, etc).

In most cases, you will start your experience Down Under with a temporary visa that you will request online through the Australian Immigration website. In turn, the time it takes to approve a temporary visa is quite short: it ranges from 24 hours for a tourist visa to a maximum of one month for a student visa. Paperwork for other types of visas can take much longer.

Our staff can recommend the visa that best suits your needs and can help you with the application. For more technical visas such as the Skill Visa, our advice is that you contact an official Migration Agent. At Go Study we work with different migration agents throughout Australia, who will provide you with the help you need.

When the duration of your visa comes to an end, there are additional visas to be able to extend your stay in Australia and extend the experience of your life there.


There are several visas associated with the job opportunities Australia offers; the holder of this type of visa will be subject to continuous updates due to market needs.

These kinds of visas are complicated and, for this reason, Go Study uses the collaboration of immigration agents in Australia who can help those who have to apply.

How do I stay in Australia through an employment contract?

There is a lot of talk about sponsorship in Australia, or the possibility of linking your stay in the country with a work contract. This is just one of the ways to get approved for a long-term stay in Australia.

As of April 2017, the famous sponsorship visa (subclass TSV 457) was replaced by the TSS (Temporary Skill Shortage), which was divided into two streams: one short-term (short-term specialized busy list). term); and, two, the Strategic Long-Term Skills List (MLTSSL), replacing the former List of Qualified Occupations (SOL) and the Consolidated List of Qualified Occupations (CSOL).

For more information about TSS and the new Specialized Occupation lists, you can read the article we have dedicated to it or contact our team.

Can you try to stay in Australia through studying?

Investing in a study program is one of the best ways to try to stay in Australia. You can choose from many professional courses that qualify you for careers at MLTSSL, you can continue studying English or you can attend a university course (Bachelor or Master).

Also, a very important visa for those who decide to study in Australia is the temporary graduate visa. You can request it:

  • If you attend a 2-year professional course that is linked to a profession on the MLTSSL list, at the end of the course. The visa issued will last 18 months
  • After completing a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree for at least 2 years. The visa issued will have a duration of 2 years.
  • The qualification acquired in Australia greatly increases the chances of obtaining a sponsor or taking other paths that can lead to permanence in the country.


How do I get a permanent stay in Australia?

This is a very sensitive question that must be considered on a case-by-case basis. Go Study works with qualified migration agents in Australia, who can offer detailed advice based on individual needs. Contact us to know how to move if you are interested in the subject.