Do you know an army of fleas can severely impact the health of your pet? Yes, these small creatures can make your pet fall ill. Fleas can be entitled to more than just a pesky nuisance. They feed upon the blood of your furry pets in order to produce eggs. If you want to get rid of fleas, you need more than just bathing your pet. In case they are consistently annoying your pet you may need to call upon professional flea control services in Redhill. Before we dig more into their removal let us discuss what is their favorite place to stay. Fleas mainly lay eggs and feed while your pet is sleeping. As a result, they are usually found at the resting place of your pets. But you must know pets acquire fleas from outside the house like yards as well. 


Some tips to control flea infestation

There are many ways in which you can get rid of e fleas from your pets as well as your residence. However, sometimes it may not be that easy as it may sound, therefore the pest control services in Redhill get you through the infestation. Let us explore how to terminate fleas.


Try to kill them at the source

Most of the time, fleas get tempted towards your pets. So, their infestation roots from your pets. It is very much possible that your pets might have caught them from yards or other animals while playing. It is very essential to find the source, otherwise, they may spread throughout your house and garden. The first step of the treatment is simply to comb your pets with a flea comb. You need to pay extra attention to the neck and tail of your pet. The next step is to consult your veterinarian as soon as possible. Your veterinarian will tell you the type of flea and start the treatment accordingly. here are many treatments for, Pest Control in Redhill which are completely safe for your cats and dogs. 


Isolate the infected pet

This is a very important step to keep your infected pet away from other pets and children. Fleas reproduce at a very fast rate and can infest each and every corner of your house. So, it is a crucial step to not let your pet roam everywhere in your house. It may sound like a very tough step to take but it is equally important for the future security of your pet.


Cleaning of the house

Once the flea treatment of your pet starts, you should sanitize each corner of your house including other pets as well. Especially all the carpets, toys, clothes, etc must be cleaned. Wash everything with hot soapy water, you can also dry clean the bedsheets and curtains, and at the end, you must give a final touch to your clean-up with a vacuum cleaner.



Fleas are very contagious small creatures and appear to be in red-brown color. You never know how suffering their infestation can be. Therefore, you are always advised to physically assess your cats and dogs at least every week. They need to be clean and dry to avoid fleas attack. Your pets need to be properly groomed and regularly combed, they help to limit the fleas on pets. Your carpets can be an easy home for the fleas to hide. So, you must keep an eye on the carpets and clean them with a vacuum cleaner on a daily basis. So keeping this in mind, let us get started right away.