How to Get Started on TikTok in 2021? A Beginners Guide!

Are you not scrolling through TikTok on your device? But, it’s not possible you wouldn’t have heard of the term TikTok before? The video-sharing platform is taking the social media landscape by storm. If your target audience contains Gen Z and younger millennials, get all started with TikTok to boost your brand value and enhance engagement with the audience.

With the firehouse of video content, TikTok is unlikely to become a passing badly. If you want to get more followers on TikTok, this blog will definitely help you out. Use this guide to accelerate your TikTok marketing efforts and learn a few best practices to make your post surge in popularity.

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How to Market on TikTok? 

To grow your online visibility, you have two organic TikTok marketing strategy options. Either you can work with influencers or create original content. Let’s walk through each of these strategies one by one:

Influencer Marketing will Be Huge on TikTok

From makeup tutorials to baking videos, TikTok is full of people doing their things. The video-sharing platform is filled with influencers with millions of subscribers. These influencers can help brands to promote their products in videos. Collaborating with influencers will help you to gain customers’ trust.

Create Original Content 

Another TikTok marketing strategy is to create your own content. It will take lots of time, creativity, and resources. TikTok will work only if you create viral content; otherwise, your video will be ignored by TikTokers. To create original content that will go viral, dive into the trend culture. Discover page will aid you in tracking trending hashtags, which you can modify to include an element of your business. 


Bonus points for you if your content is funny or silly and informative at the same time. Such content can boost engagement on TikTok. Take part in trending challenges or create your own.

Best Ways to Use TikTok to Promote your Business

Understand How TikTok Works?

Two areas of focus are the” For you Page and the “Following Page.” After you download the app, you will be taken to the “For you Page.” Here you will see popular content from top video creators. Discover page will tell you about the latest events, trends, and hashtag challenges. 

Find your Niche Topic

The motto of TikTok is “unique and even more unique content” TikTok users love following accounts, and thanks to the new algorithm, anyone can find your content. To get more engagement on TikTok, focus on a specific niche. Analyze topics that resonate with your brand voice and match your audience’s interest.

Decide When and How you will Post

Decide when you want to publish your post. It’s not only important to find your niche but equally important to determine the amount of content you need for a month and what publishing rate is best for you. Don’t over publish as it will irritate your audience, post 3-4 times a week, and work your way up. 


Advertise on TikTok

With TikTok, you get to work with four different types of ads

Native Content: This type of advertising also works on Snapchat and Instagram. Here you get tons of features like navigating to a website or downloading apps.

Brand Takeover: Here, you can create images, Gif’s or videos with embedded links to the desired pages.

Hashtag Challenge: Use the popular hashtag to get more attention.

Branded Lenses: These are similar to 2D and 3D lenses you use on Snapchat for finding faces and clicking photos. 

Use TikTok to Build your Brand

Top brands use TikTok to create hype around their brand. For instance, Guess partnered with TikTok in 2018 to enhance visibility and promote their brand through the #My Denim task. TikTok challenges, giveaways, entertaining videos all create the brand image you need. 

After reading this blog, hopefully, you would include TikTok in your marketing strategy. To make the best use the video-sharing platform, learn the effective ways to increase followers on TikTok; this is where TikTokbot can help you out.