How to Groom Yourself as a Voice-Actor Amid Lockdown?

Have you observed how people got time to polish their skills in this lockdown on the social platform? So many stay-at-home mothers have turned the situation into an opportunity after realizing that all professionals are working remotely.

As a Voice artist or an aspiring one, this situation can never be a constraint for you. It is the best time to polish your skills and welcome yourself into the world of Voice over. Radical trends are emerging in the voice over industry post lockdown and have increased the opportunities.

Today, there is no need for a physical classroom as this is an era of online learning. Let us discuss how you can groom yourself as a voice actor amid lockdown.

Voice is your biggest asset; keep sharpening it  

Voice is the most precious asset for any singer or voice artist. Like we exercise to keep our body fit, make it a priority to work out your vocal cords. There are a lot of exercises or Yoga practices that help to strengthen your vocal cords and gives you control over your breathing pattern.

Work on your acting skills

Voice-acting is not only about reading a script well in a good voice. It is about using the full potentials of your voice. The voice over classes train you to use your vocal cords to produce different sounds so you can take up a variety of projects. As many clients are looking to hire voice actors online, it is important to groom yourself and keep your voice acting skills up to date. For this, you have to become a good actor also. Learn to get in the character and become the actor in the script. Act your voice over script in front of the mirror, record, and then see the difference in voice over work. Remember, the mirror was always the best listener when we practiced any speech in school days.

Work on your pronunciation

A clear and correct pronunciation is essential in the success of any voice actor. Keep refining your pronunciation skills. Try pronouncing the most difficult words and check their pronunciation online. Keep listening to good orators or voice actors to learn various accents.

Explore your studio

In the initial stage of our career, we do not invest in luxury equipment in a home studio. It is not a limitation for a skilled artist. Even a piece of low-budget equipment gives a professional result when you practice and get friendly with your studio equipment. Check out the features of your equipment what it can offer, and be creative with it.

Try to groom yourself to the best in your studio and ensure you require the least editing on software. Learn more about the software you are using for editing. Keep exploring the updates and emerging features about them.

Try to act on various formats to prepare for multiple assignments.

Be a newsreader and read out a newspaper to judge your voice. Be a storyteller and read out the stories or virtual tutor explaining those tricky assignments. The opportunities for voice-actor are endless, and so is the source material to practice. Be a hunter for the same, find the role of a voice actor in any content you see anywhere and keep practicing. You never know that you may get some gig from your rehearsed material. Don’t forget to record what you act and analyze later to find out your weak areas.

Try to gain an edge by taking professional assignments.

Today you do not need to approach voice over service providers in person and prove your skills struggling to get those initial learning assignments. You can visit online voicebanks and upload your voice sample to try your luck and learn on the job. Always remember that life is your best teacher, and experience always teaches you better than any classroom teacher. If you have groomed yourself and now want to learn on the job or want to pursue advanced assignments, then you can upload your voice sample at the largest voice over marketplace in India – Voyzapp. You can simply create your profile as a voice actor, mention all details and upload your voice demos. On approval, your profile would be ready to go live and your talent would be visible to the world! At Voyzapp, you can get the best project to learn and build a strong portfolio. We have a variety of voice over work and can help you in tracking your best capabilities. Let us explore your dream assignment to make the debut in the industry.

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