How To Host A Great End Of Financial Year Party

An end of financial year party can be just as much fun as the start of the year and planning a bash that includes activities to take advantage of the holiday is key. Some of the best ideas for an end of year celebration can come straight out of the best parts of the New Year – the shopping, eating, drinking and general merriment that come right before the start of the year! Here are some ideas for activities that will help you get ready for the festivities of the upcoming year:

Shopping for end-of-year presents can be one of the most enjoyable parts of the New Year. In fact, many retailers will run special deals at the start of the year to get customers in the mood for buying something, whether it’s for the New Year or another occasion. There are also many local events to get involved in – from local street markets to art walks to family-friendly events. Look around your neighbourhood for ideas, but do keep in mind that the more unusual or different the gift you decide on, the better – the recipient might love it!

End of Financial Year Party Melbourne

The option to host a cocktail party

You can plan a great New Year’s Eve bash, even if you’re not hosting. A cocktail party (or cocktail hour) is a good idea to ring in the New Year. Invite your guests to bring a bottle of their favourite drink to the party, and provide some cocktail specials for the main meal (breakfast, sandwiches etc). The end of the night can be spent enjoying cocktails and nibbles – remember, this is the busiest time of the year, so book up early if you want to make this part of your end of year bash a success.

An end of year party doesn’t have to involve alcohol. Many people choose to celebrate New Year’s Eve in the company of friends and family, with a special pre-ceremony dinner and champagne to raise the spirits. Whatever you choose to do, ensure that your guests are kept safe by having a designated driver. A drunk (or even unconscious) driver can cause an accident which could cause serious damage to property, or worse injury. This is especially important if you’re holding the party at a famous landmark, like the End of Financial Year Party at Hollywood studios, which is a well-known party destination.

End of Financial Year Party Melbourne

What to consider when throwing such parties?

New Year’s Eve is a very busy time – so if you’re organising an end of financial year bash, you should take this into consideration when choosing your theme, and also the food. At this point in the year, everyone needs to be getting on with their lives – after all, no one wants to spend the big New Year’s Eve on the couch watching TV. Also, don’t forget to think about what to have for hors oeuvres!

If you’re having a more informal party, like a dinner party, then you can be as daring and colourful as you like. Colourful decorations, like balloons and streamers, are a great way to add some personality. The food, of course, should be simple and traditional. Traditional home-cooked meals at home make for a great atmosphere and will provide your guests with a great opportunity to relax and have fun – after all, New Year’s Eve is supposed to be a time to have fun!

Whatever your style, there are plenty of ideas out there that can transform your end of financial year party into a memorable event. Do you want to have an informal theme? Then colour schemes and decorations that resemble tropical foliage would be a great idea. Or if you favour of something a little more elegant, a more formal style of party might suit you better. If you are looking to get ideas for organizing end of financial year party in Melbourne then you can check out websites like