How to install water purifier on the wall?

If your kitchen is small, the tip is to install the water purifier on the wall. Thus, you will free up bench space, making your area more functional.

It is essential that the appliance is located in a cool, dry, ventilated area where the sun does not shine. Be sure to make sure there is enough space on the sides for the necessary ventilation. Leave around 5 centimeters between the sides of the product and other furniture, so you guarantee air circulation and make it easier to change the filter.

Also check if there is a nearby outlet compatible with the voltage of your purifier (if your model is electric) and, of course, check if there is a nearby water point with a pressure compatible with the appliance.

Before starting installation, assess what type of wall mounting your purifier has. Below, we’ve selected the most common options to help you.

Scotch tape:

Some purifiers already have adhesive tapes on the back. Then just remove the protective film from the tape and fix it on the wall. To make the fixation, make sure the wall is clean and free of dust or other residues that could prevent adhesion.

If your purifier doesn’t come with the strips, but you want to use this method, you can buy double-sided tapes with high fixation and do the same process, gluing the strips to the back of the purifier.

In that case, be careful which type of double-sided tape you buy. It is essential to opt for resistant models and to support heavy items. There are models that can support items up to 5 kg. The advantage of this method is its ease and the fact that you don’t need to drill through the wall.

Mounting bracket:

This is the most traditional method and used in most purifiers. But, it’s important to check if your device has this option, because on the back it must have spaces to include the support.

Some models are already equipped with the bracket and screws, just make the fixation and use the template included in the product to drill the holes in the wall. After fixing the screw to the wall, just fit the device through the bracket.

If your device does not come with the support, see the model of the purifier and buy the right support for it.

You will need to dock the bracket on the back, intended for exactly this function. After attaching the bracket, mark the points on the wall where the screws will be buy clocks online. Drill the holes, fit screws and dowels, then hang the purifier by hooking the bracket onto the screws.

There is also a support version that is fixed to the wall. In this case, you need to check if it is suitable for your purifier model. Just install the bracket on the wall and then place the purifier on top of it.

Regardless of the method used, you will also need to do the hydraulic installation (which we explained in the previous topic).