How to kill rats: types of rodenticides

Rat killers can be of different types and shapes, but all have a strong poison base to kill rats in the shortest possible time .

  • Matarratas of baits shaped seeds. This type of rat killer is designed for the smallest mice and rats. They are appetizing seeds for rodents with a dispenser in which the poison is applied little by little to kill them in several days.
  • Matarratas in the form of blocks . They are perfect for larger rats. They are usually resistant to water and humidity.
  • Matarratas of pulp . It is a rodenticide in the form of a paste that is placed on the walls like natural killers. It is the ideal rat killer if you have a house with high humidity.
  • Acute kills . It is considered a type of rodenticide that kills rats that have developed resistance to anticoagulants.
  • Anticoagulant killers . They are those rodenticides that alter the metabolism or the functioning of vitamin K causing rats not to clot their blood. It works in a slow way, an important characteristic for a rodenticide to take effect since the rats will carry this poison to their burrow where they will also eat the rest of the rat family, thus ending up with a larger number.
  • Matarratas of a single Ingest to . They are very lethal and fast-acting poison rodenticides. They only take a day or two to take effect.
  • Matarratas vitamin D . These rats absorb large amounts of calcium in the blood of mice at home and cause a series of problems in the body that end their lives.