How to Make a House a Home in 3 Easy Steps

Whether you have just moved into your new house or you want to make the house you have lived in for years feel more homely we have some home ideas for you. Our guide will help you to transform your house into a home with 3 easy steps. From decorating your home to displaying your favourite memories and keeping it clean and tidy your house will feel more homely in no time.

Decorate your home

One of the main steps you can take to make your house feel like a home is by decorating it to suit your personal style so it feels like yours. If you’ve just moved into your new home you are probably full of ideas and can’t wait to start painting those walls to make them your own. If you’ve lived in your house for a long time and it’s been a while since you last decorated, give it a refresh to make it feel like home again.

Begin decorating your home gradually by taking it one room at a time to ensure you’ve designed each room to suit your style and within your budget. Once you have decided which room you’re going to decorate, create a mood board to plan out how you’ll style it. When creating your mood board collect wallpaper, paint and curtain samples as they will be the main components of your room. Once you have decided on a colour scheme it’s time to search for accessories. Choose from cushions, throws, lamps, wall art and family photos to bring some life into your home.

Display your favourite photos

Our houses become our homes when we make memories within them and display them on our walls. Having your photo memories on display within your house helps to bring your home to life, creating conversational pieces for guests and giving you something to cherish and reflect upon.

One of the most effective ways to display your favourite memories within your home is by creating a gallery wall. Find an empty wall within your home that needs to be shown some love whether it be in the hall, dining room or living room. Once you have found the best place to display your photo memories, plan out the layout of your wall with paper to display your favourite photos and wall art items effectively. We recommend framing large photo prints of your most cherished memories such as your wedding and children’s baby photos first and then placing them on the wall as a focal point. Once you’ve found a photo printing store near you and printed and hung  your main prints, surround them with smaller and medium prints in frames to display your other memories. 

If a gallery wall isn’t for you there are plenty of other options for displaying your favourite photos within your home. Keep it simple by placing smaller frames with your favourite memories on your sideboard or bedside table for you to admire without taking over your limited space with a gallery wall. You can also maintain a simple look within your home by having a limited number of your favourite photo memories made into large photo prints for you to display on your wall as opposed to a gallery wall.

Keep your home clean and tidy

The key to making your house feel like a home is keeping a clean and tidy house so your home is a calm and relaxing environment for you to live in without being surrounded by mess. You will also have the additional advantage of having a clean and tidy house should a visitor turn up unexpectedly. Begin by ensuring that all surfaces within your home are wiped clean on a regular basis whilst ensuring that items are stored away once they are used. In addition to the everyday tasks, create a cleaning schedule for your other cleaning tasks and carry out accordingly to ensure your home stays clean and tidy. Add framed photographs, ornaments and candles to your sideboards and surfaces to minimise spaces for clutter and create a calming atmosphere.