How to Make Your Bathroom a Peaceful Haven

Visiting a spa is wonderfully relaxing. However, you can’t stay there all day every day. So, it’s time to give your bathroom a makeover and transform it into a peaceful haven where you can relax. How can you do that without spending a fortune or completely remodelling your space?

To make your bathroom a peaceful haven, you have to think of the things that keep you relaxed. Stimulating certain senses can help you completely rewind and forget about your stressful day. So, here are a couple of tips that will help you create the bathroom of your dreams. Just play some music or enjoy the silence in your gorgeous personal spa. 

1. Choose calming colours

Did you know that colours have an effect on how we feel and think? For instance, red energises us, yellow makes us hungry, while light green helps us calm down. So, if you want to create a peaceful atmosphere, carefully choosing colours for your lavatory is essential. 

Even though renewing your tiles is a good idea, if you want to save money work with what you already have. Instead of completely remodelling the bathroom, think about adding calming colours to your towels, shower curtain or rugs. Such a vibe can help you create a more relaxing atmosphere you’ll adore. 

2. Update the lighting

The important role in our perception plays the lighting. Depending on the way the light in your bathroom is positioned, you can create a visually larger, smaller, comfier or colder place! So, what steps should you take to set the right cosy mood?

Instead of blueish lightbulbs, pick yellow ones. Make sure they are LED to save energy and money. On top of that, ceiling lighting is necessary, but it doesn’t exclude other types of fixtures. Mirror lights or wall lights are fantastic ways of updating your bathroom and creating a whole different kind of atmosphere!

3. Practise aromatherapy

Believe it or not, the scent is one of the best paths towards our relaxation. Rooms that have a beautiful sweet scent activate the part of our brain that releases feel-good hormones which help us relax. While “sharp” and “aggressive” smells make us anxious and uneasy, calming, fresh and flowery ones are ideal for cosy nooks.

How can you make your bathroom smell nice? Besides the obvious, which includes regular cleaning and decluttering, consider using air fresheners, candles or incense stick to improve the scent of your lavatory. Even though bathrooms aren’t known to be one of the best smelling rooms, you can easily improve scents by airing the space.

4. Create enough storage space

One of the biggest problems people face when it comes to bathrooms is usually storage space. Not many individuals can afford huge spacious lavatories with tons of storage space. Since tiny bathrooms can’t fit many cabinets, clutter can make you feel irritated, anxious and uneasy. How can you overcome this issue?

Instead of piling up your towels and overfilling your shelves, use smart storage solutions that will transform your bathroom from a messy dump to a classy space. Many storage ideas, such as ladder have a huge decorative value, which will make your bathroom unique, chich and special!

5. Pay attention to details

Do details really matter? You’d be surprised how much a single fixture, shower head or soap dispenser can change the entire look of your bathroom! Such details tie your elements together into a gorgeous comprehensive space!

So, if you want to create a peaceful haven out of your bathroom, get bathroom supplies that will transform the entire atmosphere of your loo. Ensure that those details go well with the chosen theme or style of your bathroom. You can’t go wrong with natural elements or sleek black supplies. However, if you want something modern, go with brass!

6. Add finishing touches

Just like any space in the room, to create the best atmosphere possible, you need to think about the finishing touches. For instance, you can add various accessories, such as gorgeous bathroom rugs that warm up an entire space. On top of that, lovely towels, shower curtain and similar details are a big plus!

However, you shouldn’t forget about the plants. To recreate a piece of heaven in your home, bring nature inside. Ideal house plants for bathroom are those that thrive under humid conditions and don’t require much sunlight. Before you place a cute plant in your bathroom, make sure it will survive there!


As you can see, with 6 simple steps, you can transform your dull bathroom into the peaceful haven of your dreams. You don’t have to be an experienced decorator or interior designer to do so. Just think of the theme and colours that relax you the most and recreate the mental image.

When you finish, you can enjoy a gorgeous spa-like bathroom in the comfort of your home. So, roll up your sleeves and get to work!