How to manage the WordPress website structure?

In the WordPress Website Design, the layout has significant importance. Your layout and user interface are what the website users interact with the most. Therefore, it should be as user-friendly as it could be. To do so, you should know what the WordPress website structure is. As a result, you or your WordPress Design Agency can adjust it in the best way, If you are looking for the wordpress web design services, following your potential customers.


Website Structure 

Site structure, in short, is the arrangement and linking of the products and the content related to your business.


It means you are dealing with the website pages and categories and their navigation.


Header Navigation 

The topmost part of the website is the header. Using this area to tell your users about you and what you offer is quite popular. However, no need to put all your website deals with here. Make it simple, viewable, and clickable.


Naming the specific pages: Home, Services, Blog, About Us, Contact Us, etc. You can create the parent categories and then divide them into the child categories using the drop-down menu.


For instance, on an educational website, you can create the parent pages like grade 1, grade 2. Then, use the drop-down menu to show the services, courses, subjects (Mathematics, English, Science, etc.). It’s just that you have to make everything easy for your users.


Sidebar Navigation

For changing the layout and feel of the site, some website owners prefer to set their site menu on the sides (left/right). However, others use it on pages other than the homepage, especially on eCommerce sites. You can post the secondary categories, content filtering options like searching a blog topic.


Footer Navigation

Then comes the footer in your WordPress website structure. You can either display the less popular categories and content links here or repeat the header data (if you want, but not necessary!). However, if some pages are left like the policy, returns, shipping, use this space at best. Whichever structure you want to opt for, discuss with your Web Design Company and give it a go.


Blog Category 

Blogs keep your website alive and bring in a lot of traffic; thus, managing their hierarchy is crucial. Also, you need to post almost every day. Therefore, it is best to use well-organized categories easy to navigate.