How to pick the right makeup artist

Gorgeous hair, beautiful skin and physique, a classy setup and a captivating dress is what everyone wants for any special occasion. Every bride is looking for someone who will help tie together your bridal look, make you look and feel the best you ever have. The makeup artist you pick can really make or break your look and who does not want to make it and make it big on their wedding day?

Here are a few things to keep in mind while picking a makeup artist for your wedding day.

Do your research

Ask around to find out the makeup artist. Do your own research. Once you know what you are in the market for you can start your research. You can try searching for them on social media platforms. Many makeup artists post their portfolios on Instagram, making it easy to get the feel of their work. Ask your friends or relatives and try to find any contacts through them. Asking around and getting an actual review from someone who has already had their makeup done from the artist can be more reassuring.

Try it out

The last thing that you want on your big day is a makeup disaster. The same way a car buyers request a test run before laying down their down payment, ask if the makeup artist can do a trial session. Skipping a trial can save you some money but you will never know what you are in for if you give it a miss. During the trial bring photos of the makeup looks you like and share the mood board and all your preferences so that a makeup artist can get the sense of what you want. Meet with them, have them try a look you envision for yourself and set the ball rolling for a smooth process when the day finally arrives.

Hygiene and sanitization

Look into the brands of the products they use. It’s the matter of your skin that is why you need to be a little more careful. Moreover, with the coronavirus situation, it is important now more than ever to be aware of hygiene when it comes to personal service like makeup application. Poor hygiene practices in makeup are things like double-dipping, blowing on brushes, reusing disposables using fingers and hands as pallets and no brush cleaning etc. Ask questions about the hygiene and sanitization process along with the details of the product.

Pick someone you get along with

You would want a makeup artist who has a good attitude. Therefore it is important to select someone you feel comfortable with and well-taken care by. Find someone you think has a balanced temperament. It is important to find someone who will understand if you are not in the mood to talk or allow you to vent if that’s what you need. Speak honestly with your makeup artist and let them know if you are uncomfortable with any aspect of the agreement.

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