How To Prepare For A Home Inspection

So you’ve listed your house, found a buyer, and accepted a purchase price. The sale of your home is almost a done deal, but it’s not quite time to pack the moving boxes yet – you still have to make it through the home inspection Pearland TX. As a seller, it’s not uncommon to get nervous during the process of home inspection. You don’t want the deal to fail, nor do you want to be stuck with the cost and burden of repairs if your buyer requests them as a contingency. Fortunately, there are some essential things you can easily do to prepare for the inspection.

Provide Open Access To Areas Home Inspection Pearland TX

Make sure that the house inspector has easy access throughout the property. If they can’t get to a place, they cannot inspect it, and that will be a red flag for the purchaser. Clear away any clutter impeding access to sites or systems that the inspector needs to take a look at during the home inspections Katy TX, including basements, attics, furnace rooms, and under sinks.

Clear The Perimeter

In addition to checking the internal functioning of your home, the inspector is also going to be looking at the exterior, including siding, trims, and caulking around windows and doors. You’ll want to leave areas around your house clear of trash cans, plant growth, and stored items so they can get an unimpeded look.

Check The Roof

When’s the last time you had a deep look at the roof of your home? For most sellers, it’s been a while. The roof is a crucial part of the home inspection Pearland TX, though, so you can’t ignore it during your preparations. Get out a ladder and clean debris and moss from the gutters, check for missing or damaged tiles and make sure downspouts are in their correct position. If you do find damage on the roof, you’ll want to get it cared for before the home inspection.

Keep A Clean House

If you’ve already been going through selling your home, you probably already have a pretty clear idea at this point at keeping everything tidy and clean. Resist the endorsement to let things build up after an accepted offer and maintain the exact level of cleanliness for the home inspector. A messy or dirty home may make the inspector suspicious that other areas of the property aren’t adequately taken care of either.

Replace Any Bulbs That Are Out

A blown bulb suggests two things in a home inspections Katy TX either the bulb itself is out, or there’s something wrong in the fixture’s wiring. The inspector will either have to waste potential time determining whether an institution is hopeless, or they’ll note that there’s a probable defect without looking further into it. Avoid such scenarios by making sure that all of your bulbs are in working order.

At this point, take a deep breath. Most buyers aren’t expecting complete perfection; they want to know that no heavy burdens await them. It’s common for the home inspector to note a few minor issues, but most of the time, if there’s something profound to detect, you’ve already figured it out on your own. Contact us today for affordable and proficient home inspection services.