How to Recover Deleted Folder from USB Drive – Know DIY Solution

Summary:- If user’s folders are deleted and users are upset about this and want to recover deleted folder from USB drive. Then this is perfect place for you. In this post, you will know about the best SysTools USB Data Recovery Tool.


“Today morning I was deleting some folders from USB flash drive. But I don’t know when I deleted important folders. Now I realized my crucial data deleted permanently and I have no idea how to recover deleted folders from USB drive. Please suggest me how to restore folder deleted from pen drive because my all deleted folders are very precious for me.”

I have taken this query from the forum website most of the users face these issues in their day today life. After that, we have decided to write an article on this topic. Because most of the users don’t know how to recover deleted folders from USB drives.

Now we will tell you the best software. With the help of this application, users can recover deleted folders from USB stick. USB recovery Wizard is compatible with Windows Edition. When file deleted from USB flash drive, it’s not mean data deleted permanently. But keep one thing in your mind you cannot save any new files and folders on your USB drive. If users save their files then, users deleted data is overwritten after that your data recovery is not possible at any cost.

Recover Deleted Folder from USB Drive with Automated Solution

Restore deleted folder from flash drive with the assistance of SysTools Pen Drive Data Recovery Software. This utility is able to retrieve normal deleted, shift deleted (permanently), corrupted data from USB stick. This application has the ability to recover all types of data like documents files, text, audio, PPT, Videos, so on. Now we will discuss the working procedure of the utility:

  • First of all, connect the damaged USB flash drive on your Windows PC after that launch the software how to recover deleted folder from usb stick
  • The software provides you two recovery option Scan and formatted you can choose the Scan option instead of formatted scan how to recover deleted folder from usb stick
  • Then, the application will list all restored folders on the left side and highlight the folders which contain data.  how to retrieve deleted folder from pen drive
  • The tool provides two ways to save the retrieved data for example: save selected data and save complete restored data. how to restore folder deleted from pen drive

Beneficial Features of the Application

  1. It provides an advance search option
  2. Supports to restore exFAT, FAT (16, 32), and NTFS formatted
  3. Tool recovers data from USB drive, pen drive, flash drive, and SD card
  4. It supports all brands of USB flash drives like Samsung, SanDisk, LG, Moserbaer, etc.
  5. Supports to restore all files formats like .pdf, .doc, ppt, .odt, excel etc.
  6. The tool permits retrieving all image formats like JPEG, PNG, Tiff, GIF, etc.
  7. Permits to recover selective data
  8. The software gives free demo versions users can view the entire deleted data
  9. It is a user-friendly software anyone can use this software very easily.
  10. Recovers data in multiple languages like English, Hindi, Japanese, Chinese etc.

Final Verdict

In the above write up we have discussed one of the most effective methods to recover deleted folders from USB drives. First of all, users can try the demo version of the software to know the working efficiency of the utility.