How to Resolve QuickBooks Error Code 31600?

Was working with your accounting software and suddenly bumped into an error pop up stating an error code i.e., 31600. This particular error hinders the smooth working of the software. As a consequence of such an error you might not be able to use the QuickBooks software properly or QuickBooks stopped working. It is suggested to chuck off the error as soon as possible, as this issue can lead to data loss from QuickBooks.

To get a better insight into shunning off the QuickBooks error code 31600, then this segment would surely help you. You can also consult with technical support executives and the support executives will ensure to answer all your queries instantly.


Steps to fix QuickBooks error 31600

You need to perform the below steps to fix the QuickBooks error 31600.

Step 1: Ensure the number of users falls under the limit

Step 2:Create an admin

Step 3:Go for a new server

  • Open QuickBooks and choose service manager
  • Move to computer management
  • Choose expand local groups and users
  • Select the groups according to the requirement
  • Change the properties and double click on admin properties and open it
  • Open the admin group by double clicking on it
  • Select add after the admin group window appears
  • Click on system and move to service account or choose group window
  • Select the user-name
  • Assign a type to the account, which has to be added to the groups of admins
  • And hit ok tab

Step 4:Browser inspection

Step 5:Check for affected user

  • Open menu of the company
  • Choose set up users and choose password
  • Go for set up users
  • Move to company and choose users
  • Find set up users and roles and choose it
  • Click on add users and cater the necessary details
  • Choose next tab and if you wish to customize the user, then make necessary changes
  • Choose finish tab and login again with the new credentials


If the information stated above isn’t enough for you to shun off the QuickBooks error code 31600, then in that case, feel free to reach out to our tech savvy accounting geeks. You can contact our QuickBooks desktop technical support team at 1-800-761-1787, and get answers to all your queries immediately.