How to Shop At Old Navy like A Pro

What’s the first though that incurs in our minds when we need new casual clothing? Old Navy’s new collection. Old Navy is ruling the market for decades now and it is for all the right reasons. Whether you are a frequent shopper at Old Navy or once in a while visitor there must be something there that keeps you coming back for more. Since we understand why you would love to go to Old Navy over and over we realize it is one of the best place to get all you need.

From men’s fashion to women’s garments and casual items for kids, you can get everything you need at Old Navy. And not to forget the quality and variety of the products are what keep the customers hooked. To fill your curiosity, here are few ways to shop at Old Navy like a pro. Just don’t forget to use the Old Navy 30% off coupon.

Don’t forget to shop for whole family

Old Navy is a family place and that goes without saying. From basic T-shirts to casual dresses and sweaters. A pair of nice comfortable flip flops and basic pumps, Old Navy sells everything for customer of all ages. You can make it your fair priced single stop for all family needs.

Look for the right timing

Timing is important when it comes to shopping at the Old Navy. When a collection comes to the Old Navy, the selection gets a monthly overhaul and unlike other stores, it’s the last two weeks of the month when the fresh items start to approach in the store. Another thing about right timing is that the Old Navy stores are a mess during the clearance section. Moreover, for the sake of peace of mind, you may want to shop during the weekdays.

Don’t forget the free shipping

On, you can readily score offers on free shipping. If you spend $50 or more, you can still get it for free, but if you sign up for newsletters, you’ll always get free shipping codes. During’ Super Cash’ time, when Old Navy will often throw in free shipping or free shipping under $25 at the last second, the offers are even better.

Do check the website

Sometimes the stuff at stores and on website may be at a different count on the stock. Before you visit to the store, check the Old Navy website for sure. Even when the stores are jam packed with the fresh stock, some items are available exclusively on the website. You can also shop for the plus side collection which is a super hit at Old Navy.

Use the promos

To get a discount, you don’t have to wait for things to get marked down. On Friday nights, the Old Navy usually switches promotions. Plus, when you get text message updates, follow them on Twitter, and fan them on Facebook, you never know what could pop up on social media.
For regular customers, there’s a bonus: often, when you buy anything at the supermarket, you get a decent coupon on a future purchase. If you can only remember where you placed it.

Sign up for emails

If you sign up for Old Navy newsletters, you can keep up to date on the latest deals and free shipping codes. Uh, bonus? On your birthday, they’ll give you a coupon just to sign up and get discounts. Also signing up for email updates at Old Navy is letting getting free treats in your inbox. You will be notified firsthand about all the email updates and sales on special days. The sooner you are notified the sooner you get the chance to avail the best deals.

Online and in store

Shopping at Old Navy is a whole experience. Even if you love the way the aisle smells laden with new clothes and the interior of the store is just too calming for your shopaholic self, the online deals are sometimes better than the in store deals. Especially when there are special sales, the online stock lasts longer and you can also get free form standing in the long queue at the store and shop from the comfort of your home.
So when you plan to shop at Old Navy’s our golden advice is to check their social media pages and website first so you can get the best deals head on even if the deals are not present you can make up your mind about the stock you are going to get there.