How to start an IT Company in UAE?

The IT sector has grown tremendously over the past decade. Our way of life and communication has entirely changed at a global level in this age of information technology. UAE has become the international IT hub in the world. Let’s explore how to start an IT company in UAE and learn everything about IT company registration in the UAE.

UAE offers attractive benefits and incentives for both startup companies as well as established IT companies. Various investment opportunities are available for business aspirants looking to open and establish smaller or even larger IT companies.

Let’s look at the essential requirements needed to establish an IT company in the UAE. 

How To Set Up An IT Company In Dubai?

There are certain prominent aspects to be considered before starting an IT company in Dubai. Let’s look at some of these aspects:

Location of the Company 

The location of the company will depend upon the organizational needs of a business. IT companies in Dubai can be set up either in a free zone or a mainland.

Mainland Company

Mainland companies offer attractive options to start an IT company. A mainland company provides the freedom of trade entirely across the UAE and other international markets, giving access to global reach. The IT company is exempted of any corporate or personal tax. However, a mainland IT business needs a local sponsor who holds 51% of the company share.

Free Zone Company

Free zones offer many options and attractive features to start an IT company in the UAE. This location provides complete freedom of ownership of a company. Many free zones in Dubai allow companies to undertake and begin IT-related activities.

Choosing a Legal Entity

After the selection of the location of the business, a legal entity must be selected for the company. Limited Liability Company (LLC) is the most preferred legal entity. An IT company must operate under the specific legal entity chosen.

IT Company Registration and Formation

A trading name must be chosen with regards to the rules and laws of Dubai. The trade must be then registered based on the location of the IT company. Registration for VAT is a mandatory step while starting an IT company in Dubai.

Obtaining License for An IT Company In Dubai

A professional license must be obtained in order to engage in company activities. The Department of Economic Development issues the professional license in Dubai. A local agent must be hired to deal with various legal formalities like obtaining employment visa and other essential documents along with a license. IT companies can be either registered with complete foreign ownership or as a professional firm.

The Documents Required 

There are several official documents to be filled before starting a business in Dubai. The following documents must be submitted to the DED in order to start an IT business in Dubai:

  • The company owner’s and partner’s passport copies
  • Proof of initial payment of approval fee
  • Sponsor’s no objection certificate.
  • Agreement of partnership (must be signed in the presence of a notary)
  • The IT company must have a registered office with a tenancy contract.

IT Company Services In Dubai

The international hub of the IT sector provides some of the major IT services in the world. Let’s take a peep at the most prominent IT services offered in Dubai:

  • Call centre outsourcing
  • Technology outsourcing
  • Server installation as well as maintenance
  • Digital Transformation through Digital Marketing
  • Management of prominent IT services such as infrastructure monitoring, cloud hosting and backup recovery
  • Network security

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Dubai has got several free zones wholly dedicated to the IT sector. An IT company can be established in any of these tech parks:

Dubai Techno Park

The aim of Dubai Techno Park is to maximize the growth rate of the IT sector in Dubai. The area is entirely dedicated to technology, and it blends with communication and information technologies, industrial development as well as socio-economic sectors.

Dubai Internet City

It is a huge cluster, covering an area of around 1.5 million square feet. Dubai Internet City has a reach of around 1600 business partners from various sectors such as cyber security, Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence.

Dubai Silicon Oasis

This tech park is entirely dedicated to the sector of information technology. Dubai Silicon Oasis was started to establish the world’s most advanced electrical innovation. The area supports and provides various technological investment to the existing companies as well as startups. It offers in house services, incubation centre and also widens the various scope for freelancers.


We have traced how to start an IT company in the UAE. Setting up an IT company in Dubai has its own advantages. Information technology has highly contributed to the development and advancement of Dubai in the international realm. In fact, starting an IT company in Dubai is an easy process with the help of a company formation agent.