How To Start Online Consultation As A Doctor?

t is no secret that online consultations are the future of medical care. Doctors who do not offer online consultations may be missing out on a significant portion of their market share. But how can you start online consultation as a doctor? Read this blog post to learn more about apps for doctors in India and how to start online consultation as a doctor.

Let’s get started.

Advantages Of Virtual Clinic For Patients:

Mentioned below are the advantages of the virtual clinic for patients:

  • Complete privacy while online service is being offered. Bajajfinservhealth_ASO is the most helpful medicare app that patients should have on their phones.
  • Make an online appointment with any doctor available in the virtual clinic instantly via your mobile phone, tablet or computer device without waiting for hours on end to get an appointment.
  • Since no travel is required, benefit from savings on gasoline and vehicle wear & tear.
  • Save money by avoiding expensive medical bills. There is no need to pay co-pays at brick-and-mortar clinics because these services are accessed online for free.

Advantages Of Virtual Clinic For Hospitals and Doctors:

Mentioned below are the advantages of the virtual clinic for clinical specialists:

  • Patients from all around the world can be consulted.
  • Provide the patient with virtual support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Overcome staffing shortages, particularly during COVID-19.
  • Increased income and brings on additional physicians with no physical limitations.
  • With regular conversations and follow-ups, you can improve your doctor-patient connection.

Steps To Start An Online Consultation As A Doctor?

Here’s a walk guide to setting up your virtual clinic in seven easy stages:

  • Step 1: Fill out the application form 
  • STEP 2: Create a community.
  • STEP 3: Provide all your information
  • STEP 4: Your online clinic would be then ready to operate
  • STEP 5: Patients should be sent a link to the clinic.
  • STAY 6: Consultations and prescriptions can be sent through the internet.
  • STAY 7: Using the admin dashboard, keep track of consultations

6 Smartphone Apps Every Doctor Needs


  • Medscape


This app is available online for free. It also comes with a mobile version, which is available for download on both Google Play Store and Apple App Store. This online consultation app for doctors has more than 400 conference sessions that are ideal for doctors who wish to learn something new in their field of expertise every week throughout the year. This app is great for managing doctor practice without any issues.


  • WizDoc


Wizdoc has been a popular online platform where a doctor could provide instant access through video call or chat functions. This helps in looking at symptoms online, saving hours on office visits while providing you with expert advice from some of the best practitioners across the country- whenever needed. One does not need any prior authorization or registration before using this service, making it extremely accessible & reliable too.


  • Medpage Today


This one-of-a-kind software for health care providers allows users to select their specialty before customizing the information they view. Due to usability, providers may keep up to speed on the newest discoveries, research, treatments, medications, and operations in their particular fields and not be swamped by all the useless information.


  • Lexicomp


It’s among the most user-friendly online consultation app for doctors, with a large database of disorders, including oral and infectious diseases, as well as toxicity. Furthermore, the app provides useful information regarding pharmaceuticals, their purposes, and their side effects. Medicinal vocabularies and calculators are also included in the app for surgeons. 

The application is not free, even though it is accessible for Android and iOS smartphones. There are, though, a variety of subscription plans, you can select from. Specialists may select the option that best suits their requirements and budget.


  • Pepid


It’s one of the greatest mobile app for doctors for assisting emergency department medics and doctors in promptly diagnosing patients. This app is useful for students, doctors, trainees, and nurses since it provides great medical knowledge and may aid in their studies.


  • Epocrates


This doctor practice management tool is the healthcare industry’s gold standard. This program has been installed millions of times and also is compatible with both Android and iOS users. The software allows providers to search prescription information, communicate with patients, identify colleagues for recommendations and consultations, and compute patient metrics like BMI.

The Bottom Line

Online consultation is a boon for doctors as well as patients. It offers more convenience and flexibility to both parties involved, especially the medical practitioners who are usually super busy with their daily work routines of hospital visits and patient consultations. Hence, it’s time that they use these online consultation apps available at their fingertips.