How To Style Black Denim Jackets And Where to Buy Them

Denim has been a part of the fashion industry for a long time now. From being worn on the red carpet to now being worn daily, denim has seen it all. To keep up with the times, distressed black denim jackets are back in fashion.

Clothing brands have been jumping on the trend and have successfully brought denim jackets back. These are simple jackets but can be styled in multiple ways. However, a slight overdose will ruin a perfect outfit.  So, what can look good with a black denim jacket? Let’s find out!

Remarkable Choice For Winters

The black denim jacket suits winter the best. It’s simple and an easy go-to for a quick outfit throw-in. Firstly, you’d need a denim jacket and a hoodie. Then you’d want to throw in a pair of jeans which would complement the hoodie.

For example, if you go for a grey hoodie, make sure you add dark blue jeans or black ones. Both of these would look great and can be used as either daytime or nighttime looks.

A black denim jacket would also look great with flannel shirts. Flannel shirts are great for fall looks and the weather that lies between fall and winter. A simple red flannel, checkered with black stripes, paired with black jeans and white shoes, would look highly appealing.

Using the same outfit pattern, you can add a plain white t-shirt or a graphic white t-shirt. Add another layer of the classic black denim jacket, and you’re good to go. For the bottoms, you can go for sneakers or some Vans. A pair of chunky boots would also look great.

Casual And Formal

For casual looks, you can throw anything that you think would go well together. If you have the confidence, you can wear almost anything with denim and hoodies, and you will be able to pull it off.

For a more formal look, you should go for darker shades. These dark shades will complement a night look, and you’ll be able to pull off a neat outfit. Something between the lines of an all-black sweatshirt or turtle neck would work splendidly.

You can choose a pair of black jeans and add formal shoes to complete the whole look. This does not look overdone and will always be a hit in the crowd. To add a little bit of sophistication, you can replace the black turtleneck with a plain white turtleneck and pair it with skinny black jeans with formal black shoes.

Where Can You Buy Distressed Black Denim jackets?

Black denim is now widely available. They’re available online and in stores that are spread across the UK. However, for quality and longevity, we would recommend a brand that deals with the best. You should opt for a brand that has a name in the industry and is believed to deliver excellence every single time.

The newest collection by Noir LDN has an excellent variety of jackets. Not only do we have distressed black denim jackets, but we also have several other jacket options that are just as great.

Our brand also has older introductions that would make a great outfit if paired with the jackets. Not only this, but a suggestion tab at the bottom will allow you to make a great outfit all by yourself.

Noir LDN provides all sorts of clothes for men of style. We bring in outfits that are fashionable and are seen by the crowd as fashion-forward. The quality and addition of leather and detail always make a statement.