How To Teach Writing To The Students?


Each level of education has its requirements for writing activities. Their objectives of writing vary for every level of education as their outcomes and writing goals are different. The goals of writing activities are over almond for the students. Students indeed have to improve their writing skills and they can do it only by practicing daily. It is not only the job of the English language teachers to guide the students about the writing skills but teachers for all subjects can help students out to develop, enhance and maintain their writing skills throughout academics. It is because writing skills are also required in professional life as well. Students who fail to develop writing skills, have to face difficulties throughout the academic and professional life.

There are many types of writing activities for the students that they have to perform throughout the program. Dozens of assignments create a difficult schedule for the students. It is because students cannot manage to work on different assignments and for every subject.

Essay writing is one of the activities that teach meaningful things to the students about the selected topic while enhancing their writing skills at the same time. Students have to perform essay writing activities for all levels of education. It is also helpful for the teachers to convey the knowledge and to make students understand concepts in the best possible way. To produce professional essay writing the students must develop essay writing skills at their best for the desired results.

Why Writing Skills Are Necessary For The Students?

Writing skills are one of the best ways for the students to retain information regardless of any nature. When students take regular notes, they require writing skills to note down the information in the right way. When they note down the information with their own hands, it helps them to retain the knowledge significantly.

Another benefit of writing skills is that it develops and enhance the critical thinking skills among the students. The students must have a good grip on critical thinking skills. Because it is required for almost every type of assignment and essay writing. Writing is one of the best ways to engage the students throughout the lectures and the class. It further helps the teachers to assess the level of understanding among the students for the specific topic of writing.

In this article, we are going to see some of the tips that are helpful to teach writing to the students so that they can perform well throughout their essay writing and all other assignments effectively and efficiently;

Understand The Basics Of Writing

Basic requirements for every academic writing activity regardless of any level or nature. Then let’s see each basic of writing skills in detail. One of the basic challenges for the students throughout writing activities is to get an understanding of how to use punctuations and proper vocabulary with the right spellings. Make sure that you have a good understanding of when and how to use the punctuations. Furthermore, you also have to look forward to using a good vocabulary throughout the process of writing.

Practicing The Reading Comprehension

Before students write, it is important for them to first learn the techniques of effective reading. This is why students need to learn the techniques of reading comprehension to develop active reading skills. The more you read, the more you will have the opportunity to experience different types of writing. This will help you out to understand how to write different types of academic writing effectively and efficiently.

  • Students should know the following points about reading;
  • They should know the meaning of every word throughout the context of writing.
  • The student should look out for the meaning of every word throughout the writing in case if they don’t know the meaning of the words.
  • You should understand the meaning of every paragraph and sentence throughout the writing and should be able to relate the information throughout the writing.

Practicing Simple Writing

Many students think that the use of difficult words and hard vocabulary would increase the quality of the writing. However, it is the opposite of the case. Using difficult and unnecessary words always decreases the readability of the document and distracts the readers throughout the writing. This is why students should practice writing simple and concise to develop good academic writing skills.

Make sure that you give importance to your own words instead of copying and paste the information. That whenever you practice easy and simple writing instead of following hard and difficult vocabulary along with the jargons.

Give Importance To Structure

The structure is one of the most important parts of the writing. Every writer has its own structure which is specifically designed to help the writer in achieving its objective and purpose. This is why students cannot make changes to the structure of writing on their own. They have to follow the same standards that are internationally approved.

Understanding the structure is one of the best ways to arrange the information correctly. It doesn’t matter how good you have collected the information about the selected topic what if you failed to arrange the information in the right way, then the connection information is of no use.

Other than the entire structure, make sure to learn the procedures of constructing each and every sentence and paragraph throughout the writing. Make sure that you do not exceed the number of words in a single sentence. If you can define the information in 10 words then do not use 20 to 25 words to explain the same information. Similarly, do not exceed the word count throughout the paragraphs. Stay concise and clear throughout the paragraphs. Long paragraphs always distract the readers to understand the information.

Conduct A Deep Research

There are different types of academic writing activities for the students throughout academic life. When you are assigned with a specific essay writing, make sure that you researched the selected topic. Reading the relevant information about the selected topic would help you to understand that how and what you exactly have to write for a selected topic.

Students can easily find a variety of authentic sources through which they can extract the information for the selected topic of essay writing. Make sure that the reached source is authentic in the liver or else we have to face the consequences.


Working on developing the writing skills is not a cakewalk especially for the students. Developing writing skills requires a good amount of interest and continuous practice for the same. I am sure that the above-mentioned information would help you to understand the basics of writing skills. It will surely help you to develop and enhance your writing skills throughout your academic and professional life to prosper throughout the process of education.


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