How to Throw a Great Backyard BBQ Party

A BBQ party is more than just a way to enjoy some delicious meals. It’s also a sociable activity that provides you with an opportunity to develop a stronger sense of community in your neighbourhood or within your circle of friends. So, how does one throw a great backyard BBQ party? There is no straightforward answer but there is a way to bolster your efforts. There are several things you could do in order to make your BBQ party feel special. Here are some suggestions. 

Make a guest list

A guest list is something that you need to start with. This will give you a basic idea of how big of a party you’re actually hosting. This will determine the area you’ll have to organize, the amount of food and beverages you’ll have to order and much more. In fact, it may even determine how early you should start planning the event and it will definitely determine the cost of the project. Remember that if you want people to confirm their arrival, it’s good that they know in advance so that they can consult their own schedule. While it’s not a formal affair it’s not to be underestimated either.


The entertainment needs of your guest depend on several things. First, it depends on the number of guests who are expected to attend. If you’re making a BBQ party and plan on inviting just a couple of close friends, you don’t really need much activity planned. After all, the guests will be animated by the host and they can engage in meaningful conversation amongst themselves. If, on the other hand, you have something bigger in mind, it might be better to organize some games or activities that will encourage your guests to engage with each other.

Prepare everything in advance

The worst mistake in judgment that you could possibly make when planning a BBQ party is the idea that you can prepare the meals when the guests start arriving. Remember, you’re not just a chef, you’re also a host, which means that you have the responsibilities to entertain everyone, chat them up and manage all backyard activities. So, you need to get all you need in advance. First, you should look up the phrase “butcher shop near me” and place an order. Next, season all the meat, chop all the vegetables and get enough propane or charcoal so that you don’t run out in the process. This is the only way to minimize potential problems further on.

Ask for help

In order to make your job easier, you could always ask some of your guests to bring side dishes. This doesn’t mean that you’re switching responsibility to them. In fact, what this means is that you’re giving them a responsibility, which is an opportunity that some of them may be grateful for. By bringing more hands on deck, you will create an impression of this being a group project. After all, this is a social event, so this is always a great thing. Just keep in mind that you entrust only those you deem as responsible enough for this task.

Tend to decoration

If this is a special event, you might want to additionally decorate the area. If you plan to throw a barbecue party during the evening hours, it’s important that you decorate the area with some outside lights. One of the most elegant solutions you have available are LED candles. These provide aesthetics similar to regular candles but they’re simpler and eco-friendlier. Also, they’re a lot safer. On your outside furniture, there may be some fabric or some other flammable materials. People tend to drink during barbecue party which, paired with so many hot and flammable elements, creates a recipe for a disaster. With LED candles, you can avoid this quite effortlessly.

A cool-down

Remember that the majority of BBQ parties will take place in the summer, some of which even during the unbearable heat. There are really only two things you can do in order to handle this situation. First, you need to provide enough cover, at least in the seating area. If you need to expand it in order to provide room for more people, you should probably rent some parasols. Second, you should offer some refreshing appetizers. Both of these will become a huge part of your BBQ party experience.

In conclusion

In the end, it’s all about good food and having a good time, in general. As long as you achieve this, your backyard BBQ party will be a success. To sum it up, you need to prepare food and beverages, plan out potential activities and make sure that you invite the right people over. Keep in mind that unless you’re attempting networking, group chemistry should be a priority while making a guest list. From here everything should run quite smoothly.