How to Turn Simple Cardboard into a Cosmetic Box?


Choosing the best packaging material is crucial when we are looking for an ideal box. Every packaging box has different characteristics and is getting used for several things.

Let us take an example. We use eyelash boxes to carry eyelashes. We cannot pack any other things in those boxes. Meanwhile, for any food item, we use kraft boxes. We cannot use rigid boxes. Now, while looking for a product, we must consider various factors. For example, the packaging material, its cost, and its nature.

And after that, we can decide whether the box is preferable or not. There is a packaging material that is receiving popularity because it’s so helpful. Cardboard boxes have been in use for shipping products. But do you know that you can use these boxes for other purposes?

Cardboard packages can also be used for makeup. Seems boring right? Well, it’s not like we are going to pack our beauty products in a cardboard storage box. We would have to redesign, reassemble and customize it.

Are you still wondering how to turn a simple case into an elegant cosmetic box? Well, no worries. In this article, we would be discussing everything you need to know about a cardboard box. And how to turn a simple cardboard material into cosmetic boxes.

Use the Right Packaging Material:

When we think about cardboard, we could think of a shipping box. But cardboard is very versatile and comes in different shapes and sizes. Sometimes, we do not even know that a product has cardboard packaging.

Do you know that cardboard boxes are of different kinds? But the main question is, why do we need to study different types of cardboard?

  • Every product has a different nature and requires a decent box that could secure it.
  • Every item has varying weight, and so we need to use the appropriate box.

Now, let us discuss some cardboard types briefly.

1.   Single Face Cardboard Packaging:

This type of packaging is getting used to separate products in a box. Its chief purpose is to present the whole product elegantly and keep the product in its place.

2.   Single-Wall Board:

This type of packaging is getting used to carrying lightweight products. They cannot handle heavy items. They are getting manufactured by gluing layers of paper to form a single layer.

3.   Double-Wall and Triple-Wall Board:

In a double-wall board, the box is manufactured by using two layers of cardboard flute. And in triple wallboard, three layers are used. In short, it contains three layers of flutes between the outside walls. Triple and double-wall boards are getting used to carrying heavyweight products.

4.   Honeycomb Cardboard:

This packaging box is getting manufactured with kraft papers shaped into hexagonal cells. The cells are then glued together into a box. This box is not very usual, but it does provide security to the item. The thickness and size of honeycomb cardboard are somewhat similar to corrugated boxes.

After discussing various types, let us discuss how we should customize our box.

5.   Customize the Box with Suitable Printing Techniques:

There are various printing methods, and you would have to choose one of them to get your case customized. Use the method of engraving and embossing to highlight any text or your brand identity. Both of these techniques never fail in highlighting the customized part. They give a luxurious vibe to your packaging boxes.

Digital printing and screen printing often get used to print the brand’s theme onto the box. Both of these methods are extremely useful as they are time-efficient and cost-effective. The ink that is used in these methods needs no time to dry. Other than that, the ink gets absorbed into the package surface, giving it a sleek touch and appearance.

6.   Highlight your Brand Identity:

A brand identity acts as a decoration piece on our packaging boxes. If you print the logo of a luxurious brand on a cardboard box, its value automatically increases. And in order to increase the worth of our cosmetics, we must carve in our brand identity. Carve or print your brand logo alongside the slogan.

7.   Do Not Overflow your Box with Designs or Instructions:

Sometimes the biggest mistake anyone can do, is to get over-excited and print everything on their boxes. One thing to notice here is that you can make your box appear luxurious, or either you can print everything on it.

If you notice, many luxurious brands do not print anything on their front flap except the brand logo. And that is what makes their packaging elegant.

8.   Make Sure the Box is Sturdy:

If a box is sturdy, it can reach its destination in one piece. We all know how fragile cosmetics are. And if the case is feeble, it won’t last longer than that a minute during shipping. Cardboard boxes are of different types. Study their types and choose the best one out of them.

9.   Use Organic Packaging Box:

Using an organic box is not an option. It is a must thing to do if you want to sell your products instantly. Cardboard boxes themselves are organic, so we do not have to worry about anything.

10.    Overlap the Box with Lamination:

Without a lamination, our packaging box seems incomplete. Lamination gives it a luxurious look and makes it look stunning every time. Gloss and matte lamination are the most popular ones. But the question is, which one of them should we use? Consider your packaging material, its nature, and also consider your brand theme. And after that, you would notice which one would be ideal for your brand.

Now turn your simple cardboard into a cosmetic box by following the simple tricks and tips.