How You Can Make a Difference by Donation Water Pumps

You can participate in water donation efforts from anywhere in the world – by clicking on the link below, you will be provided with the instructions and information needed to send water directly from your home to those who need it most.

With water being such an essential foundation of life, water donation is one of the most basic ways to help people worldwide access what is necessary to survive. A water pump donation will not only provide people with water during their time of crisis, but after they receive a water supply, it allows them to take advantage of the economic opportunities associated with selling safe drinking water.

There are many different ways you can contribute to clean water charities: perhaps you’d like to donate money towards helping build wells, maybe some freshwater bottles would be helpful for someone who doesn’t have access to a large facility, or you could even help water charities by donating water filtration systems that can be used to purify impure water. Whatever water donations you decide on, water is an essential part of life, and the water donation charity organizations listed below need your support!

In 2011, water was responsible for nearly 1 in 10 deaths worldwide. In addition, approximately 842 million people had no access to safe water at all, and more than 2.5 billion lacked adequate sanitation facilities.

According to the World Health Organization, water-related diseases cause an estimated 3.4 million deaths each year—that’s one person dying every 21 seconds from waterborne illness.

  • The Indus River rises and flows through India and Pakistan before entering China, where it breaks apart into two river channels that flow through the country. In this arid region, water is scarce; with irrigation inefficiently managed by farmers over the centuries, water levels continue dropping, leaving many villages without a water supply.
  • Throughout the villages of northern Tanzania, wells have been built by that provide water for drinking water and small livestock herds, helping to improve household health, increase income from herding and decrease child mortality rates.
  • The water situation in islands worldwide is particularly dire due to an acute shortage of safe water supplies. In many cases, water still has to be shipped in on larger ships as a part of an ongoing donation from land-based countries.
  • Water donation charity organizations in large cities like New York have partnered with water donor charities like Give2theWorld, collecting donations from generous individuals and companies to ship containers of freshwater overseas. By taking care of smaller villages first, island nations will eventually be able to sustain themselves after these water donation efforts are completed
  • In 2014, announced a freshwater scheme that will be gifted to the island of Cuba — this water donation is one part of a larger water initiative for this small village that aims to provide over 100,000 Cubans with water access in three years. Since then, there have been several reports about water access in this region.
  • Once receiving clean water, many people are more willing to make plans and work towards economic stability by establishing farms or businesses. Unfortunately, the lack of water has been an essential factor contributing to poverty, starvation, and preventable deaths throughout the area.
  • There are water donation charities in South America that have established water wells and water pumps for families living in remote areas. In countries like Bolivia, Peru, and Chile, Water is needed daily because of the hot climate. Families should not have to take time out of their day to search for water—they should be able to receive water from any nearby source at all times consistently.

There is a water donation organization called water can that set up small-scale irrigation systems around the African continent so that growing food is no longer dependent on seasonable rains. As a result, farmers can now cultivate their fresh produce throughout the year, even if it’s only one or two crops per week, which represents an important step towards economic independence.

  • Water donations can also provide relief from floods, droughts, or other natural disasters. By providing both short-term drinking water supplies and long-term water infrastructure in affected areas, water donations can make a big difference for water-reliant communities. For example, major water NGOs (non-governmental organizations) like and Water Aid have helped thousands of people in countries like Peru, Haiti, and Indonesia after significant floods have destroyed water supplies.
  • Providing Water for sanitation can prevent a variety of waterborne diseases. With proper water donations to developing areas, many children will avoid illnesses that could otherwise threaten their health or lives. Countries worldwide are still active participants in this type of donation, including India and Pakistan, with coordinating efforts to provide clean drinking water and sanitation systems.

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