I Have a Chipped Tooth – Can a Cosmetic Dental Treatment Help?

Usually, only patients experiencing pain and discomfort due to dental conditions opt for a dental treatment since it may impact their daily activities. However, cosmetic dentistry also specializes in improving the appearance of a tooth’s enamel and ensuring that a tooth is perfectly structured and positioned on its root. 

Even if you are not suffering from pain or infection yet have a chipped or a broken tooth, you are advised to contact an experienced dentist for cosmetic dentistry in Bismarck, ND, who can provide effective cosmetic treatment and transform the misshapen tooth into a better tooth.

Although a patient might think that cosmetic dentistry can only fix a damaged tooth, several other treatments are included in the cosmetic dentistry spectrum that can offer benefits.

Types of cosmetic dental treatments: 


  • Enamel abrasion


A person who has smoked all his life or a caffeine addict may have unusual and superficial stains on their tooth’s enamel which does not get off quickly sofa set online shopping. In an enamel abrasion treatment, the dentist will use fine pumice in a particular machine called micro-abrasion to remove the stains. Although all the stains will be removed on the enamel, the stains layered on the inside will stay.


  • Dental veneers


In the event of a damaged, chipped, and stained tooth, a dental veneer treatment is used where an impression of the affected tooth is taken, and a replica of it is created at a dental laboratory. After the customization of veneers is done, it will be placed on the damaged tooth resulting in a clean and appealing dental structure.


  • Dental bonding


A dental bonding treatment is similar to a dental veneer procedure, but the latter will serve for an extended period. The procedure is most suitable for patients with heavily stained teeth.


  • Teeth bleaching


Most people who would like to brighten their teeth opt for a tooth bleaching treatment. Additionally, a tooth bleaching treatment is more affordable than other dental procedures. 

Therefore, if you are trying to change the appearance of your dental structure or want to cover a damaged tooth, consulting a dentist for cosmetic dentistry is recommended since there are multiple dental procedures, and only a dentist can tell which one would work the best for you furniture shops in bangalore . You are also advised to seek regular dental check-ups to ensure that your dental health is normal and there are no signs of underlying dental diseases.