Iconic New York Souvenirs That Never Go Out of Style

Souvenirs are not just trinkets that you bring back to decorate your home; they are ways to help you keep reliving your vacation. Although souvenirs should be reminiscent of the city, they should blend well with your décor. New York is flooded with millions of tourists every year, but some items in New York gift shops can be quite tacky.

So, what can you buy to remember your trip to New York? Are there any souvenirs that can never go out of style? The following list may give you a few ideas about what you can pick up while you’re in New York.

The Perfect Souvenir

Everyone is searching for the perfect souvenir; when visiting the city, it is almost impossible not to come across replicas of the Statue of Lady Liberty in New York souvenir shops. Although they are surely iconic, what if you want something a little quirky and unique? What could you get that screams New York but isn’t so in your face about it?

A Flea Market Item

New York is all about your experiences in the city, rather than generic mementos of it. How about you try to find a souvenir in a flea market? If you have never been to one, be prepared, your first flea market experience is something that you will never forget.

In a flea market, there are a host of souvenir options to choose from. You can get souvenirs of an iconic landmark skyline, water globe, and snow globe in New York. They’re a classic souvenir, but you will also have the memory of your flea market visit etched in your mind whenever you see it, making it a not-so-typical souvenir.

I Heart NY

Although it is not unique to New York City, I Heart NY mugs, shirts, and trinkets can be precious. They are a classic choice for a souvenir and something that you cannot go home without. Think they are tacky? You can even find gems such as replicas of a landmark skyline, water globe, and snow globe in New York, among others. Most of the iconic souvenirs have I heart NY written on them.

I Heat NY merchandise is cute and perfect for gifting to your family and friends back home. Even if you think you don’t want it, you will probably change your mind while you’re at the airport.

Get Some Used Books

If you are a sucker for sentimentality, then you need to visit one of the used book stores in New York City. The Strand is the most popular used book store in New York City, but you will not be hard-pressed to find others in the city as well.

Although used books are easily available online, there is something about holding a copy of a book that never circulated past Manhattan. A rare used book is going to be precious, and perhaps you can get a replica of the Statue of Lady Liberty in New York to act as a paperweight for it.

Can’t Go Wrong with Broadway

Whether you are a Broadway fanatic or not, you will never forget your first Broadway show. So, what better way to remember your first Broadway experience than getting a souvenir from this iconic destination itself?

You can choose to go the usual route by saving your playbill or head to the great gift store they have. Here, you will find various options, from classic Wicked Witch of the West to newer shows. Shop your heart out!

Museum Gifts

When sightseeing around NYC, you will surely visit iconic landmarks such as the MTA Transit Museum. While you’re there, don’t forget to head to the gift shop. Not only will you find some iconic gifts, but some unique pieces as well.

At the end of every museum trip, be sure to check out the gift shop. You never know what gem you will find hidden in the store.

When you’re living in the 21st century, vacations are often hard to come by. You will want to remember every trip as best as you can. With the help of souvenirs, you can keep reliving your memories and go back to the city again and again. Don’t forget to get some gifts for your friends and family as well!