Importance of Exceptional Packaging for Consumer Electronics

When the pandemic hit,  people all over the world resorted to online versus in-person shopping. This was great news especially for companies offering a large assortment of electronics, whose sales rose significantly. You may have heard of the electronic superstore Best Buy. Well, they reported a significant 255% rise in their online sales immediately following the start of the pandemic. 

Many people around the world are working from home at this moment rather than working in their corporate offices. This has made it important for companies to ensure that their employees have all the tech supplies they need at homes to get their jobs done effectively. This includes tablets, smartphones, headsets, computers, and other accessories needed.

Even older adults who previously  had not used technology are now very well versed in it. As people are stuck at home, they resort to using technology such as Zoom and FaceTime to connect with their friends and family. What does this mean for electronic packaging solutions companies?

Electronic companies have to deal with an increase in the demand for their products and make sure that the e-commerce ready packaging that they use is efficient and cost-effective. They could consider a few things in terms of electronic packaging solutions. Let’s take a look at them.

Products Can Get Damaged

When companies are shipping their electronic products out, their biggest concern is that they might incur damages during transit enroute to the customer. They are incredibly sensitive to ship and can damage easily if not handled with care during shipping . The cost of a damaged electronic product during transit is a major liability for the business , not the customer. As such, companies need to invest in inflatable packaging material that secures their electronic products completely.

Have You Heard of Bubble Mailers?

If the electronic items you have to ship are small, then bubble mailers might be your best bet to keep them safe. These are small envelopes with a bubble-wrap interior inside them to offer extra padding for electronics that is already protected with inflatable packaging material, so that they are not damaged during delivery. 

Try Shipping Directly from Your Store

If you can afford it, it will be more efficient to eliminate an outside fulfillment center and become the fulfillment center yourself. This will help you keep your shipping costs down, and you will have a better chance of delivering products that are not damaged.

Are you interested in learning more about what makes for exceptional packaging for consumer electronics? Then you might want to reach out to us as Distinctive Solutions and learn more about our packaging products and shipping solutions.