Important Factors About Lip Fillers You Should Know

With the increasing innovation in the cosmetic industry and the popularity of procedures, people are eager to find ways that can enhance the different aspects of their body, be it face or their stomach. Lip fillers in Dubai have become rather popular in this regard.. Women opt for lip augmentation procedures to get a fuller and plump-looking mouth. Injectable dermal fillers are used to carry out this procedure.

These fillers  allow women to do that and accentuate their lips, getting fuller mouths according to their preference. The rage began with Angelina Jolie and her perfect pout. The GenZers today idolize Kylie Jenner and wish to get lips like her. 

Lip Fillers

If you also intend to get them, you should fully understand what lip fillers are and what are the prerequisites for getting the procedure done. In this post, we have discussed the same. Read on to know more:

Lip Fillers

To increase the lip volume, collagen or hyaluronic acid is injected into the patient’s lips. Both of these are natural substances that are found in the body as well. The substance that you use in the filler alters the way it functions. To explain further, hyaluronic acid helps in achieving natural fullness of lips as it fills the lips with water. On the other hand, collagen fills the lips on its own.

Never inject silicone in the lips as they usually fail and result in a weird-looking outcome.

Candidates for Lip Fillers

Anyone who wishes to get fuller lips can get lip fillers. The procedure is quick, safe, and natural. However, research is still necessary for a better understanding of the options that you are available with. Knowing them can help you decide which one best suits your needs. Think about the kind of lips you want and find the product that gives you that look.

Some of the common types are Juvederm Ultra (plumper, plusher lips), Juvederm Volbella (lesser wrinkles around the mouth), Restylane Silk (for a subtle change in the mouth), and Restylane (basic increase in the volume). Restylane is popular for getting a natural but plump look while Juvederm helps patients in achieving the perfect pout.

Candidates need to have realistic expectations before getting any cosmetic procedure, including lip fillers, done. Also, they must discuss with their injector what they are going to look like after the procedure:

The Process

The process of lip fillers is carried out in four steps:


First of all, the patient is given a facial assessment in which the doctor or nurse assesses the face. Sometimes, the lips are also photographed and the injection sites are mapped.


The patient is asked to sit or lie down. Then, the injection sites are cleaned. This kills any bacteria present and helps in preventing infection. To help numb the pain, the nurse will apply an anesthetic ointment.


Filler injections are quick and simple. After each injection, the lips are gently massaged for even distribution of the filler around the area. The process does not take longer than 15 minutes.


After the injections and lip massage, the patient is offered a cold pack to minimize the swelling on the lips.

Pick a Trustworthy Clinic or Doctor

The cosmetic specialist that you choose for getting the procedure plays the most important part in your procedure. Ask for referrals from friends and family. Check for online reviews and see what people are saying about them. Don’t hesitate in asking questions. Also, ask for before and after pictures to fully understand the entire procedure. Be clear about your expectations.

Go Slow

See that you don’t do it all at once. It is natural to want to get maximum results in just one session. However, do not treat lip fillers as a one-off case. Everyone is different and reacts differently to lip fillers. It is better to start with a smaller dose. You can get more if you think you are not there yet.

See that you are properly prepared before getting the procedure done. There are a couple of things that you can do to get optimal results and ensure that you have a successful lip fillers procedure. In the days before the procedure, avoid all anti-inflammatory medications or blood-thinners. Using blood thinners makes the injection site vulnerable to bruising.

Whether the cosmetic procedure is invasive or non-invasive, deals with the face like fillers or the body like liposuction, you need to do your background research and strictly follow the after-care instructions given to you by the doctor.