Important Points To Consider When Planning To Purchase New Fire-Truck


Investing money in a fire truck can be your big investment. It has to be made wisely. You have to select the truck that suits your needs. You cannot take this decision randomly. You need proper planning in advance.

The technology keeps advancing with time and requirements. You should always invest in the right fire truck for your premises.


  • Consider all essential features you may want to install on the truck
  • It should be more functional for your premises
  • You have to focus on the apparatus quality that you purchase along with the truck

Thus you have to consult your expert team members. Always focus on safety issues and regulations. You can contact the local fire fighting station within your locality for the right specifications.


  • Consider the type of operation you may perform

If you are a big unit, you may need to perform mock drills and live operations. This requires access to the best set of apparatus. You have to focus on the mission you aim to run within your department.

Petrochemical units may often consider high-level operations and so they plan accordingly. But if your unit is smaller, you can focus on its needs. Once decided, you can contact polypropylene fire truck manufacturers to place your order.


  • Focus on your active fire fighting team

Most commercial premises often have an in-house fire fighting team. During hazard, the team may have to be transported to the site of action. The truck that you purchase should accommodate the entire team comfortably.

This is important as in an emergency it may not be possible to carry out two rounds for transporting the team. So you have to work in advance and calculate. You can also speak to fire fighting truck suppliers to select the right dimension and size truck.


  • Consider the suppression capability you may need

Foam suppression is essential if the fire gets out of control. This is important for the safety of the fire fighting team. It cannot be overlooked the moment you invest your money in purchasing a new fire truck. So, you have to consider this in advance.

Before you buy, always check if the truck is efficient in providing foam suppression for the fire fighting team. This should always be your first considerations before you decide.


  • Installing aerial apparatus

It may not be easy to control the fire if you are facing it directly. It can be risky. If the fire happens within the petrochemical unit premises, it is difficult to control. This is when you may need an aerial support system.

So before you buy, it is important to check with all possible aerial support systems that can be installed in the truck. You can ask the recovery truck manufacturer to install the best aerial support system on the truck in later stages these are not easy to add to the existing system.


  • New or old truck to buy

If you are going to use the truck very often, then investing in the used truck will always be a risky option. For proper safety, it is always best to invest in a new truck. Do not invest in the used truck if you are comfortable paying the price for a new truck.

There are also certain regulations that you have to consider when buying a new fire fighting truck for your premises. Get familiar with these regulations in advance.


  • Buy or lease option

This is the next most important point that you should consider. Leasing will always be cheaper as compared to buying. But in the long term, you will end up investing more money in the lease. In case of emergency, you may not have access to the truck on your premises. This is why it is best to buy the truck.

You can check with the best industrial fire truck supplier and buy your first fire fighting truck. This will always be more cost-effective. It is considered your one-time investment.

When it comes to investing in a good fire fighting truck, it is always a big amount. You may have to apply for financial help as well. The best part is that you can apply for a loan if your premise is always at risk to fire.

For any industrial unit, where chemicals are used, having access to a personal fire fighting truck is always more helpful. You may not have to wait for the help to arrive at your destination. You will have access to help on your own.

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